Tridni Valka

Neither Ukrainian nor Russian! - Tridni Valka

Statement against both Ukrainian and Russian nationalisms by Tridni Valka (Class War).

Ukraine: only action of the proletariat can stop nationalist war

Analysis of the situation in Ukraine as the conflict between pro-Russian and Ukrainian nationalists deepens by Trídní Válka. The English translation of this text is not great but we still feel it contains important points.

Airstrikes threat on Syria! Third world war? No war but the class war!

A statement by Tridni Valka on the Syrian conflict and potential for war.

Riots on Swedish suburbs - Třídní válka

A bulletin by the Czech communist group Třídní válka/Class war on the Swedish riots.

Egypt: Nothing has changed, but everything begins…

Text on the recent struggles in Egypt during the "Arab Spring".

On the anniversary of the so-called "Velvet revolution" in Czechoslovakia1989

The following contribution of the Class War Group is neither a chronology of events in Czechoslovakia, 1989, nor a description of them. It is an attempt at a general analysis of the so-called Velvet “Revolution”, which would classify it in the perspective of class struggle, the only perspective, which can provide it with a meaningful context and a meaningful explanation.

Class struggle in Maghreb and Mashrek...

Class War Group: Class struggle in Maghreb and Mashrek (Leaflet 2011/04)

Memories of the Future

Programmatically on “images of the future” emerged during the December uprising in Greece and further perspectives of the proletarian movement. An analisys from the Class War Group (aka Tridni Valka; Czech Republic).