Trinidad & Tobago

1881-4: Canboulay Riots

Re-enactment of Port of Spain Canboulay Riots 1881

The history of the attempt by colonial police to suppress abolition commemorations by the islands freed slaves and their resistance.

Libertarian Socialism: Politics in Black and Red

The history of the left is usually told as one of factionalism and division. This collection of essays casts new light to show how the boundaries between Marxism and anarchism have been more porous and fruitful than is conventionally recognised.

1919-21: Trinidadian General Strike

Returning soldiers from WWI

Frustrations over racism and low wages lead to a series of strikes from 1919-21, involving every sector and most ethnic groups on the islands.

Oil workers strike in Trinidad

Striking workers tried to break down the gates of the Petrotrin administration building yesterday as protest action escalated over non-payment of profit sharing.

Building workers on strike in Trinidad

Contract workers hired for the construction of the continuous catalytic reactor (CCR) and the alti-acid plants at Petrotrin, Pointe-a-Pierre, yesterday downed tools for the second time in three days.

Health and postal strikes in Trinidad

Patients awaiting treatment at San Fernando General Hospital

Health and postal workers in Trinidad and Tobago have been out on strike this week over hospital overcrowding and pay and conditions respectively.

Labour rebellions of the 1930s in the British Caribbean region colonies - Richard Hart

Buckley's riot, 1935

A brief overview of the numerous struggles which occurred in the British Caribbean during the 1930s, which led to the introduction of many trade union rights across the region, written by Jamaican trade unionist Richard Hart.

Electricity workers refuse work in Trinidad and Tobago

Two Trinidad and Tobago Electricity Commission (TTEC) Customer Service Centres remained closed yesterday because most of the employees did not show up for work.

Trinidad: Nurses on work-to-rule

Public Services Association president Jennifer Baptiste-Primus

Nurses have been told to work to rule at medical institutions from today.

Trinidad: air traffic controllers on "sick out"

Air traffic controllers in Trinidad called in sick en-masse over the weekend due to the slow pace of negotiations for their first collective contract.