Victor Serge

The Unhappy Elitist: Victor Serge's Early Bolshevism - Peter Sedgwick

Peter Sedgwick examines the early, often seemingly contradictory, politics of anarchist-turned Bolshevik Victor Serge.

1918: The Proletariat's Democratic Revolution in Finland

Red Guard

The following is an excerpt from 'The Truce and the Great Retrenchment' - Chapter 6 of Year One of the Russian Revolution by Victor Serge.

The Truth about the Bonnot Gang - Ezra Brett Mell

The Bonnot Gang

A short account of the Paris-based anarchist robbers - and inventors of the getaway car - who operated in 1911-12 and the political debate that went on as to the worth of 'illegalist' activity.

Kronstadt '21 - Victor Serge

We reproduce an excerpt from Memoirs of a Revolutionary, (1945) by Victor Serge on the Kronstadt rebellion against the Bolshevik autocracy, its dictatorship over the proletariat. Despite Serge remaining an (albeit highly critical) Bolshevik apologist and remaining in the camp of those who claimed Kronstadt as 'a tragic necessity', he is honest enough to describe the facts of the situation in their own damning terms.

Anarchists, Bolsheviks and Serge - Daniel Guerin

Bolsheviks speaking at a meeting of workers and soldiers in Petrograd in 1917