14 people hospitalised in latest repression of the Oaxacan social movement

Section 22 of the Teacher's Union and the broader Oaxcan social movement take to the streets to protest the arrival of fraudulent President Calderon. Federal Police open fire with live rounds and tear gas grenades, resulting in at least 14 people wounded and hospitalised.

The Dream of San Juan Copala - by Claudio Albertani

On April 26, 2010, a convoy of some twenty militants and international observers was ambushed in Mexico. They were on their way to San Juan Copala, a village in the Sierra Mixteca region, to give support to the villagers in their resistance to the terrorism of a local paramilitary group. Their convoy was brutally ambushed by paramilitaries......

Oaxaca: Paramilitaries fire on solidarity caravan, two confirmed dead

A solidarity caravan travelling to the autonomous municipality of San Juan Copala in the Triqui Region of Oaxaca has been attacked by UBISORT paramilitaries. Two are confirmed dead, with at least 15 injured and three missing.