Zhu Xiaomei

Day 13 in Detention: “Mom did nothing wrong, she will be fine, we should just wait for her at home.”

An account of Zhu Xiaomei's arrest and the trials her family are undergoing, based on an interview with the family. Xiaomei is one of the Six Guangzhou labor activists criminally detained in a crackdown on December 3. She remains in criminal detention at the Guangzhou No. 1 Detention Center.

The diary of Zhu Xiaomei’s husband (part 1): Our happy family was devastated on December 3rd

Zhu Xiaomei, a young nursing mother, is among the activists currently detained in China for their work helping workers to claim their legal rights. In this diary, Zhu Xiaomei's husband speaks out about what the family has gone through, and updates on their current condition. This is the first of his diary entries.

Police raid worker-support organizations in Guangdong, criminally detaining leaders

Most thorough English article so far about the latest wave of repression against Chinese workers and their supporters, which began with the December 3 raids of four organization, in which 25 staff and workers were taken away for questioning, at least five being detained on criminal charges. This article provides more background about the prisoners, their organizations, and the context of this repression.