International Anarchist Statement in Solidarity with Zimbabwe's Treason Trialists

An international anarchist solidarity statement with the Harare 46.

What future for Zimbabwe now? 1980

Robert Mugabe, 1980.

This article from late 1980 shows that even in the midst of general euphoria at the collapse of Ian Smith’s Rhodesia there was plenty of evidence on how things might develop under Mugabe, for those willing to look. The authors were active in the Anti-Apartheid movement.

South African workers refuse to move arms bound for Zimbabwe

Repression: Zimbabwe

South African Transport Union members have announced they will not offload Chinese arms that are being shipped to crisis-torn Zimbabwe.

Strikes spread across Zimbabwe

Zimbabwean soldiers - given substantial pay rise

Teachers, nurses, doctors and civil servants have been taking industrial action since last Wednesday calling for an immediate review of salaries and benefits.

Zimbabwe: Wildcat strikes and unrest escalates

Under fire: Mugabe

We have received reports that wildcat strikes are spreading across Zimbabwe as workers demand pay which will match massive inflation.

Zimbabwean unions call-off mayday celebrations after death threats

ZCTU demonstrator with arm in a sling

The Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) says it was forced to cancel May Day celebrations in four provinces after militant supporters of President Robert Mugabe’s ruling ZANU PF party allegedly threatened to murder union officials if the celebrations went ahead.

Zimbabwean government to crush any union-led protests


The Zimbabwe government on Sunday said trade union leaders calling for a national work boycott in April are itching “to start a war” in the country and vowed to sternly deal with them.

Wildcat strikes hit Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe riot officers police a previous anti-government demonstration

Wildcat strikes for better pay that have hit Zimbabwe could trigger wider work boycotts and spontaneous street protests, escalating political tensions in the crisis-hit country, analysts said on Monday.

Zimbabwean CTU calls for national strike

Zimbabwe's largest trade union has called for a national strike to protest a sharp hike in fuel prices last week.

Armed police raid Zimbabwe trade union offices

On Wednesday 11th January 2006 armed police raided the offices of the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) seizing documents as the government steps up a crackdown against civic society.