AAUD/AAUD-E reader

AAUD/AAUD-E reader

A reader I compiled from various texts online of the AAUD/AAUD-E.


The Communist Left in Germany1918-1921 by Gilles Dauvé and Denis Authier

Paul Mattick and Council Communism by Claudio Pozzoli

Council Communism by Mark Shipway

The Councilist Movement in Germany (1914-1935): A History of the AAUD-E Tendency by CICA

Preliminaries on Councils and Councilist Organization by René Riesel

The Origins of the Movement for Workers' Councils in Germany by GIC

Program of the AAUD

Extracts from the Guidelines of the AAUD

Guidelines of the AAUD-E

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Juan Conatz
Aug 21 2012 09:01


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Oct 29 2012 11:40
Harrison wrote:
Die Aktion literature and art connections i thought were very impressive... especially its interrelationship with the 'cologne progressives'.

what about Gorter's poetry? any good in your view?

some in English translation: http://www.poetryinternationalweb.net/pi/site/poet/item/18433 ... pretty sentimental stuff

klas batalo
Nov 2 2012 02:48


some reflections from that book about aaud, faud, iww etc in germany on this thread are deff worth a look

klas batalo
Nov 2 2012 04:28
klas batalo
Nov 2 2012 05:34

These last two links lead me to find this:


Last link dump for tonight!

klas batalo
Dec 1 2013 03:48

I know they were not the AAUD or the AAUD-E but the KAUD were the regroupment of fractions of both and the KAPD and were founded upon the unitary model of the AAUD-E but with added specificity as being a Communist Workers Union, and did not see themselves as the future structure of society like the IWW's OBU (which was a feature both AAUD and AAUD-E shared.) Anyway this piece is interesting for continuity and because the Situationists later praised them for this position:


klas batalo
Dec 1 2013 03:55

OH SHIT and apparently they took on the long held anarcho-syndicalist position!

From here:


This led to the conflicts and splits mentioned above and their ultimate fruit, the KAUD. The latter group claimed that it was breaking with “the theory of the final struggle which found its expression in the fact that the Union remained uninvolved in concrete struggle” and pronounced in favor of intervention, both political and economic, in wage struggles.12

12. Quoted by H. M. Bock: Geschichte des “linken Radikalismus” in Deutschland, Suhrkamp Verlag, No. 645, p. 145.

Dec 1 2013 11:12

the AAUD lead one major strike in 1927: of sailors in the German fishing fleet, Ernst Schneider / Ikarus was the leading figure of the AAUD's sailors' union at that period, some copies of its paper 1927-29 here ... unfortunately, there is no literature about that strike