Assemblée générale at Nanterre

This is a translation of a report of the Assemblée générale held at Nanterre, issued by the student group AGEN (general association of students of Nanterre)

The General Assembly held on Tuesday 16th of October at Nanterre, attended by over 300 students, teachers and administrative staff, came out in favour of the withdrawal of the loi Pécresse. [This new law gives 'autonomy' to universities in terms of budgets and is supposed to create a university system better to suited to the job market]

We have adopted the following platform:

* The repeal of the law on autonomy for universities.
* The enrolment of all those who are not yet enrolled: student card = leave to remain
* Increased budgets for universities
* Increased bursaries and the construction of student housing.
* Repeal of the loi Hortefeux [recent, oppressive immigration law]
* The dismantling of the authoritarian security policy (regular presence of police on campus, security guards, CCTV)
* Amnesty for all those punished for involvement in protests.

General meetings were held across France: 500 at Toulouse le Mirail, 400 at Tolbiac 300 at Caen, ,250 at St Denis, 200 at Amiens…

Meetings to follow:

* Thursday 18/10 Students will join the march by striking workers from the SNCF, RATP, the education service, EDF, GDF...
* General assembly at Nanterre: Tuesday 23rd October at 12.30 in the hall of building DD.

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