Moscow anarchists on electoral corruption demonstration

Moscow anarchists on electoral corruption demonstration

A brief report on the activities of Moscow anarchists during the massive protest on the 24th December, against Putin, Medvedev, and electoral corruption.

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**This has been translated from Russian. So apologies if some bits do not always make perfect sense**

December 24, anarchists took part in a mass protest rally against rigged elections and the party of crooks and thieves. Speakers from the platform was told that it was attended by over 120 thousand people. Even before the rally, anarchists were victims of a provocation: approximately 13.20 7 persons with folded banners, posters and related packaged shafts were arrested without explanation in the area of the Yaroslavl station. In the ATS with them at first wanted to hold a "preventive talks" and then issue the administrative records for alleged disorderly conduct. Around 15.00, after the arrival of the department of human rights defenders arrested anarchists were released and able to take part in the rally. However, the police illegally confiscated the rallies of props, including banners and posters with the slogan "You're a condom". Perhaps the guards remembered that by a condom with Prime Minister Vladimir Putin likened the symbol of the December protests - a white ribbon.

Near the exit of the subway station "Komsomolskaya" police attempted to detain another anarchist who carried a folded banner, but for her time had to stand other people that went to the rally.

Meanwhile, other anarchists were able to find each other in a crowd of many thousands, and deploy the surviving flags and banners. Was set free platform: any party rally could speak into a megaphone anarchists.

Almost all the speakers at a makeshift assembly were unanimous that the opposition status, consider themselves the ideologues of the protest movement, just want to get into power and do not intend to defend the interests of ordinary people. It is unlikely that peace, even thousands, meetings will lead to some radical changes. Defend the rights people can only do by fighting against the state and capital, and building around libertarian attitude.

When podium held by the free "opposition" oligarch Prokhorov, in black and red series he shouted, "Get in your Courchevel" and "The Power of millions, not the millionaires." Anarchists and other participants in the meeting tried to block billionaire. Unfortunately, its passage further provided personal protection, but after Prokhorov flying snowballs.

After 16 hours, when some protesters began to disperse, and on the prospect of Sakharov became freer, and the column of anarchists and anti-fascists have joined together with her group of feminists, LGBT activists and individual representatives of the organized left-wing organizations has moved closer to the stage. The anarchists chanted "Freedom, equality, anarcho-communism," "Higher, higher, black flag, the state chief enemy," "Fascism shall not pass!", "Our country - all of humanity!"(During a speech to the main podium speakers Nazi views), "All politics - crooks and thieves," "Our candidate - self-government", "Come on out, bring us a city," "Down with fascism and capitalism," “Path to Freedom - a revolution! “And other slogans.

Despite attempts by the opposition of the various status of the organizing committee meeting agenda to bend to fit your needs, including speakers from the main stage and was representative of the anti-fascist movement - former "Khimki hostage" Alex Gaskarov. He said that participants in the protest movement may well build a real, direct democracy on their own. But they should not be allowed to use democratic procedures to representatives of the forces that are not supporters of democracy in any form. As an example of such a force Alex pointed to the nationalists, who during his speech trying to break into the scene. They are constrained, including anti-fascists, who were near the rostrum. Dissatisfaction with the behaviour of the nationalists were also of the organizers of the rally.

It should be noted that members of the committee meeting not only ignored the appeal of the Committee January 19 , but at the last meeting of the organizing committee of the initiative group was not even given the word a man is going to read. Thus, among the speakers at the mass meeting and were fascists, which is not only zasvistyvali anarchists.

After the meeting a column of anarchists, along with other protesters managed to arrange a procession from the expanded attributes and lit fireworks in the alley and Orlikova Kalanchevskaia street. Standing in a cordon police decided not to detain demonstrators.

About 18 hours, even at the metro station "Red Gate", the ultra-right attacked a group of anarchists, who were returning from the rally. Police arrested along with neo-Nazis three anarchists, but they were soon released.

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working class s...
Dec 29 2011 01:14


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Dec 29 2011 01:37

"You're a condom"

That should be on more placards/banners.

Dec 29 2011 06:55

In all seriousness, can anyone expand on the symbolism of the condom/white banner thing?

Dec 29 2011 13:43

Putin's attempt at a joke about the 'oppositions' white ribbon symbol as looking like a condom - so an attempt to turn this against him I suppose.

Dec 29 2011 14:37

Why hoist the anarchist flags in a purely political rally with participation of neoliberals and Russian fascist (at least 3 fascist leaders spoke from tribune and it was officially adopted by organizers of this rally)? Flying own flag neans solidarity with purposes of manifestation

Caiman del Barrio
Dec 29 2011 17:04

Well I've been on a number of demos with right wing/sketchy elements on them (the anti-Gaza invasion demo 3 years back with loadsa Islamo-fascists springs to mind). I think it'd be a mistake to ignore mass movements/demos - or even smaller ones - cos of who might show up. Sounds like they had a go at bumrushing the fascists and even the crap oligarch speakers too!

there are also reports of anarchist molotov attacks, although I think this maybe a pro-Putin paper?

Dec 30 2011 06:59

I disagree. The mass movement can be also reactionary and bourfeois

Some more info about:

D. Ch.
Jan 6 2012 22:56

Words on banner declares: "Be Realistic. Demand the Impossible!" - so there is nothing about condoms smile))

Moscow anarchists have orginised a free tribune, where everybody had a possibility to take a word - that was done to spite the mainstream liberal and right-wing opposition. We also declared social and revolutionary ideas through our banners, slogans and leaflets in these meetings. This is really people's movement where a massive majority of participants are apolitical seekers for freedom/ It is up to us to influence them.

In the first Moscow meeting there were about 400 anarchists, second - 100. Our comrades also have participated in actions in other cities, for example in St. Petersburg, Voronezh, Petrozavodsk, etc.

Now we are looking for ways to introduce a libertarian current into this movement. I believe - we have a good chance here.

D. Ch.
Jan 6 2012 23:01

And yes - there were some Molotov attacks on rulling party, held by anarchists and anonymous people in Russia. More information here:

Jan 24 2012 12:46
Why hoist the anarchist flags in a purely political rally with participation of neoliberals and Russian fascist (at least 3 fascist leaders spoke from tribune and it was officially adopted by organizers of this rally)? Flying own flag neans solidarity with purposes of manifestation

No it does not mean. This is just another ridiculous attempt to imagine some anarchist "rules" in the never-ending competition of defining most anarchist of the anarchists. In a crowd of more than 40 000 people (120 000 is an overestimation), flags are a necessity just to find each other. And sticking together is a necessity as Nazis in these demonstrations outnumber us 10 to 1.

Maybe you should instead produce some proper anarchist propaganda and hand it out to the people? I saw you there and I did not noticed that you had any.

Jan 24 2012 12:49

BTW, please add translation to website if you translate some stuff from there - it is possible to add a translation to any article by clicking "Перевести", and translations appear in English section of the website.