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Greek thread: out of the labyrinth

Declaration of an assembly of 3000 on Saturday 28th May:

For a long time now, decisions are taken for us, without us.

We are workers, unemployed, pensioners, youth who came to Syntagma to struggle for our lives and our futures.

We are here because we know that the solution to our problems can only come from us.

We invite all Athenians, the workers, the unemployed and the youth to Syntagma, and the entire society to fill up the squares and to take life into its hands.

There, in the squares, we shall co-shape all our demands.

We call all workers who will be striking in the coming period to end up and to remain at Syntagma.

We will not leave the squares before those who lead us here leave first: Governments, the Troika, Banks, Memorandums and everyone who exploits us.

We tell them that the debt is not ours.



The only defeated struggle is the one that was never given!

I heard from a contact that last night in Syntagma Square there were about 50,000 people, everyone occupying it, while excluding all the political parties. There were 2-3000 people in a big assembly, definitely some anarchists, but overall people who are outside any scene. This was the 5th night. The decisions of the assembly (including its statements and its exclusion of fascists) have been really exciting. The big decision last night was not only to continue the occupation and assembly of this square, which is in front of the Greek Parliament, but also, starting today, to occupy many of the smaller squares in the neighborhoods, and begin assemblies there to begin self-organizing locally. Another thing posed by the central assembly is a self-organized, indefinite wildcat general strike, as opposed to the symbolic strikes organized by the big unions, but it's not clear if this is yet anywhere close to realistic.

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the spreading of the Spanish assemblies to Greece is possibly the greatest thing to happen this year.

very exciting stuff.

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Greeks vent anger at entire political class
Sun May 29, 2011 5:13pm
By Angeliki Koutantou
ATHENS (Reuters) - Tens of thousands of Greeks vented their anger at the nation's political classes in Athens on Sunday, staging the biggest in a week of protests as the government seeks backing for yet more austerity.
The huge crowd packed Syntagma Square in front of the Greek parliament, booing, whistling and chanting "Thieves! Thieves" as they pointed at the assembly building.
"We've had enough. Politicians are making fools of us. If things stay as they are, our future will be very bleak," said a 22-year-old student who gave his name as Nikos.
Unlike the violent protests last year when radicals clashed with police, the peaceful crowds on Sunday were made up of ordinary Greeks, some of whom brought along their children.
Greeks are angry no politicians have been punished for the corruption they blame for the crisis, as well as the dire state of the economy and waves of austerity demanded under the terms of a 110 billion euro ($157.5 billion) bailout from the European Union and IMF last year.
Greeks have been protesting on Syntagma Square for five days, fired up by similar demonstrations across Spain. They were joined on Sunday night by a small group of Spaniards who had come to show their solidarity, raising banners in Spanish.
Spain has not had to seek an international bailout, unlike Greece, Ireland and Portugal, but it also faces major budget problems, lack of confidence in its debt, and demand for reform.
Police put Sunday's crowd at 30,000 although the protesters, who have few formal leaders and are prompted by Facebook, say official figures usually underestimate the size of demonstrations by a wide margin.
Before the Syntagma Square rallies began, some Spanish protesters had accused Greeks of being too passive.
But on Sunday Ifigenia Argyrou, a 57-year-old insurance consultant, said all that had changed.
"People were indignant but they needed a motivation to express that. The Spanish people gave us that motivation," she told Reuters. "We are not sleeping, we are awake. The IMF should get out. There are other solutions without them."
Officials from the International Monetary Fund, EU and European Central Bank are in Athens checking Greece's fiscal progress to approve a 12 billion euro aid tranche -- the fifth under the current bailout -- and possibly new funding the country needs to avoid debt default.
In return, the EU wants Athens to impose yet more austerity and reform, including privatisations.
Prime Minister George Papandreou's PASOK has a comfortable majority in parliament but one weekend opinion poll showed it had lost its lead for the first time since it won elections in 2009.

P.S. One of the leading people who has provoked all this is now under house arrest in his $30,000 per month flat in New York accused not of raping whole countries, but of oral rape of one specific proletarian. It's as if Adolf Hitler were arrested just for bombing Coventry cathedral.
(please don't accuse me of using standard Godwin's law: stylistic comparisons of fascistic behaviour with fascism does not mean that I think all forms of capitalism boil down to being the same as Auschwitz).

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Is there a decent account of events in Greece since late 2008? Are there any regular posters on Libcom based in Greece? It'd be good to get somebody from Greece to do a short speaking tour around Britain. Do peopel have any good contacts?

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has updates and some translations, supporting the occupation but critically.
is another good site and so far seems much more negative about the occupation (for example translating this text )

Judging from their reports on athens indymedia a lot of politicised anti-authoritarians are disapointed with the occupation, for being pacifist and too vague politically verging on naive reformism (something which is also applied to the spanish movement) but also for the patriotic elements (greek flags, singing the national anthem, etc), this seems very different to the spanish case, also a lot of older people are present in Greece while in spain it seems more of a youth movement. This rejection does not apply to everyone though and some anarchists are posting reports from the assemblies (my impression is that many people present at the occupation dont participate in the assembly).

(Edit: have just re-read my post and I realize I am only talking about the occupation of syntagma square in athens, but it is happening in other parts of greece too which I havent mentioned at all).

(T La Palli occupied london is a good site for looking at the history of events since 2008 (they are based in the UK and might be interested in speaking), Also libcom has had some very good coverage too.
I am a native Greek speaker but haven't lived in Greece for some years now.)

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This article is a good summary up to the end of 2010

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T La Palli and anybody else who has missed out on some of this:
check out the track of taxikipali and this list of stuff from the TPTG;

plus these:

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an insurrectionary anarchist view on the situation in greece:

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Latest blog from occupied london.

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50,000 people in Syntagma tonight

According to corporate media and blogs, about 50,000 people participated in the rally in Syntagma Square. Thousands of people still there at the moment. Earlier the rally surrounded the parliament and a lot of demonstrators blockaded the gates. According to corporate media, police hesitated to attack to the people who blockaded the entries out of fear for riots from such a large crowd of people. So several MPs who had been trapped in the parliament had to leave the building from the back door through the national garden, while others had to leave the parliament after midnight, when the gates were not blockaded any more. People who noticed the ‘escaping’ MPs start chanting ‘thieves!’ ‘thieves!’.

from "From the Greek Streets" posted early this morning.

Possibly there are more than 50,000, because the square only holds 50,000 comfortably and on Sunday a friend reports that there must have been an extra 20,000 - 25,000 in the streets around, with 50,000 in the square itself.

This friend reports that on Sunday, the assembly was probably around 3,500. Apparently the camp was started by people into Castoriadis/Cardan, with an ideology of pacifism, direct democracy, liberalism to libertarian communism...explicitly "apolitical", with no banners or flags, though a few (very few) Greek flags were seen, mainly because people were buying them off immigrants trying to make a bit of money fly pitching.

Obviously it's a big mix, with lots of people going as families, showing their opposition (though not doing very much or participating in the assembly) in a strolling around holiday atmosphere. A lot of music, chanting, and slogans against politicians.

One of the bad aspects of the assembly has been a vote for a Committee to Audit the Debt, a meticulous accounting of how much the debt is due to corruption and fraud and how much it's due to pension funds and 'social benefits', a legalistic mentality that leads to reliance on left liberal financial specialists and completely misses the point.There's also been some
leftist manipulation (trots, ex stalinists etc) of who would be allowed to talk, though this has succeeded only in some instances . The ideology of "apolitics" merans that there's been a lot of self-censorship, with people putting their political identity aside, hiding their group ID to present themselves as the common wo/man. There's a lot of "citizenist" ideology - "we're all human beings", though sometimes this is a reaction against defining oneself according to political ideology and/or one's Union identity. In the couple of weeks or so in December 2008 what was particularly refreshing was the fact that people were connecting with people outside of their specific political or Union family/clan/clique, and this "citizenist" ideology is an attempt to somehow artificially recreate this; so it's more complex than simply liberalism taking hold of people's brains.

The good side has been the new fresh feeling that everybody can talk and a lot of people are talking about the miserable contradictions of their daily lives, the financial hell, their own personal debts, the feeling that they have suddenly lost control of their lives (how much they had control previously is another question). Each person is given a time limit of 3 or 4 minutes. There's been a vote for smaller assemblies - around specific topics. This includes voting for proposed actions such as how not to pay for electricity and transport etc. and how to not pay personal debts.

The talk of a general wildcat strike seems to be a bit of leftist voluntarism, hoping to push for these ideas in the one day official strikes coming up, largely against further privatisation, amongst post office workers, Telecom workers and dockers.

Like in Spain, there have been some anarchists who've been very dismissive of this camp, the occupation of the square and of the assemblies, some saying it's a safety valve, a recuperation of the genuine struggle (which usually boils down to only what they're doing). But they don't see what's happening as a process, that if people are starting to break with their passivity it's an opportunity to break out of the anarcho/anti-authoritarian clique ghetto without compromising one's point of view (though sometimes it doesn't make sense to constantly hammer home the same angry "message" in the same old way: communication is a constant struggle and experiment of trial and error, no single repeated form or content connects). Some of them have over-emphasised the presence of Greek flags as proof of the uselessness of this occupation, without understanding how - for the most part, at least - unimportant the rare instances of flag waving (often by kids whose parents just bought one off an immigrant) are.

Nevertheless, anti-authoritarians are right to be angry about some aspects of the occupation/assembly, illustrated by the following:
On Sunday a 15 yr old immigrant stole a bag from a woman in the square and was caught. The woman didn't want him handed over to the cops by the "self-defence" committee. But the most prominent member of the "co-ordination committee" took a personal initiative to hand the kid over, without the woman knowing, and without anybody else (apart from the leftists in the self-defence committee and in the co-ordination committee) knowing. The leftists ( a coalition of various social democratic minded ex-maoists and others) had kept quiet about this, hid it from the assembly, and a middle-of-the-night demo to get the kid released was somehow sabotaged by this clique (who, because of the "apolitical" ideology, have kept quiet about their politics). This has pissed off a helluva lot more people than just the anarcho-insurrectionists who dismiss the whole thing as recuperation and it remains to be seen how these contradictions within the assembly/occupation get played out.

Hopefully the facts here are all correct, and that they correct some of the facts in my OP. I should emphasise that all this information was gathered over the phone from a friend whose general social critique I thoroughly respect, and that any possible errors are largely mine in not having completely understood the situation.

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Another comment in spanish:

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Critical (excessively and rather dogmatically so, imo: compare, for example, with this far more nuanced look at the assemblies in Spain) take on the occupation here in French:

Combien d’amis le pacifisme compulsif a sur facebook?
Le 25 mai depuis l’après-midi près de 40000 genre de néo-grecs ont rempli
la place Syntagma validant ainsi de la pire des manières lemémorandum de
la troïka, les mesures d’austérité et le privilège de l’exclusivité quand
à l’usage de la violence de la part de l’état.
Hier, des nécrophiles petits bourgeois, on pris place là ou il y a tout
juste deux semaines l’état attaquait férocement la manifestation de la
grève du 11 mai établissant le record de centaines de têtes ensanglantées,
et envoyant le manifestant Yannis Kafkas à l’hôpital dans le coma;
quelques jours plus tard, un peu plus loin de Syntagma eut lieu une sans
précédente ascension de violence raciste et de cannibalisme social –dans
d’autres quartiers déclassés du centre d’Athènes se répétèrent les
attaques de flics et de fascistes contre des maisons, magasins d’immigrés
ainsi que contre des squats anarchistes, les dévots des fascistes usèrent
comme prétexte l’assassinat de Manolis Kantaris, dans le même temps des
groupes de néo-nazis lançaient des pogroms blessant au total des centaines
d’immigrés, et poignardèrent sauvagement le Bangladesh Alim Abdul Manan.
Le rassemblement pacifique avait lieu alors que quasiment dans le même
temps des compagnons se rassemblaient sur la place Victoria pour résister
activement contre la terreur d’état, les ségrégations raciales et la merde
d’ossature étatique.
En accord avec les normes du pathétique et réformiste mouvement espagnol
‘Democracia Real YA’ et ‘geração à rasca’ des pacifistes portugais, un
nouveau rassemblement apolitique a été appelé par facebook, en face du
Greek Kynovoulio cette fois [Kynovoulio, Doghouse lieu de Koinovoulio, le
Parlement - un jeu de mots intraduisible ]. La présence symbolique de
flics en face du monument du soldat inconnu ne doit pas nous tromper. Ce
n’était pas seulement la police anti-émeute qui défendait les symboles du
pouvoir mais surtout le grand nombre des « citoyens indignés » qui ont
pleinement déclaré allégeance aux patrons et à l’état.
Le pacifisme compulsif d’un pseudo mouvement de résistance était, est et
sera une version supplémentaire de la violence d’état. Où qu’ils soient
les partisans du régime parlementaire proposent d’étendre le pacifisme
pour manipuler les foules et canaliser la rage des peuples sur les voies
du réformisme dans le système existant sans le renverser. Après tout c’est
justement des manifestants pacifistes et démocratiques que demande l’état
et le capital.
Ces premiers rassemblements que se soient sur la place Syntagma à Athènes
ou sur les autres points centraux des autres villes de Grèce sont des
informelles votes de confiance à un système pourri dans son fondement.
Nous voyons au niveau européen que de tels mouvements fonctionnent comme
des soupapes contre la guerre sociale et de classe. Ce que la matraque
d’un flic et le couteau d’un facho ne peuvent pas atteindre, l’est par la
propagande de « facebookeurs » apolitiques et réformistes.
Le mouvement antagoniste et les dissidents radicaux doivent la nature
réactionnaire et contre-révolutionnaire de ces contrefaçons des révoltes
du monde arabe. Une des caractéristiques fondamentales du capitalisme et
son pouvoir à transformer et absorber les voix de ceux qui le défient. En
désignant par des mots tels que rage, révolte, révolution, le système et
ses supporters espérant ainsi rabaisser le mouvement de libération social
et le détourner sur des voies incolores pour eux-mêmes.
Les avertissements donnés par les madrilènes aux campeurs de Syntagma tel
que « pas d’attaques émeutières » ont été entendus par énormément de gens.
La presse du régime reproduit, invente et orne les arguments pacifistes,
les vendant comme le seul espoir de perspective.
Tant que nous n’agissons pas pour prendre les moyens de production, abolir
la propriété, qu’une rébellion multiraciale qui mette en place des
structures mutuelles et auto-gérés, qu’au lieu de ça nous abandonnons nos
drapeaux et nos armes à Syntagma [également constitution] ou n’importe où
en chantant l’hymne nationale ; tant que nous restons dans une ambiance
joyeuse avec des guitares et des chansons sirupeuses plutô que de prendre
une pierre, nous restons les esclaves des patrons.

Machine translation:

How many friends does compulsive pacifism have on facebook?
May 25 since the afternoon close to 40000 Greek kinds of neo filled the place Syntagma validating thus of the
worse one manners lemémorandum of the troika, the measures of austerity and the privilege of the exclusivity
rights when to the usage of the violence from the state.
Yesterday, nécrophiles bourgeois small, one take places there or there is all just two weeks the state attacked
ferociously the demonstration of the strike of May 11 establishing the record of hundreds of bloodied heads, and
sending the showing Yannis Kafkas to the hospital in the coma; some days later, a little further of Syntagma took
place an unprecedented ascension of racist violence and of social cannibalism –in Of other downgraded
neighborhoods of the center of Athens repeated themselves the attacks of cops and of Fascist ones against houses,
stores of immigrants as well as against squats anarchists, the devout ones of the Fascist ones wore as pretext the
assassination of Manolis Kantaris, at the same time Nazi groups of neo launched injuring pogroms altogether of the
hundreds of immigrants, and stabbed savagely the Bangladesh Alim Abdul Manan.
Peaceful gathering took place while practically at the same time companions mustered themselves on the place Victoria to withstand actively
against the state terror, the racial segregations and the fuck of ossature étatique. In keeping with the norms of the pathetic one and
reformist Spanish movement 'Democracia Real YA' and 'geração to rasca' Portuguese pacifists, a new apolitical gathering was called by
facebook, opposite the Greek Kynovoulio this time [Kynovoulio, Doghouse place of Koinovoulio, the Parliament - a game of words
intraduisible]. The symbolic presence of cops opposite the monument of the unknown soldier must not cheat us. It was not only the anti-riot
police that defended the symbols of the strength but especially the big number of the "indignant citizens" that fully declared allegiance to
the employers and to the state.
Compulsive pacifism of a pseudo movement of resistance was, is and will be an additional version of the
violence of state. Where that they are the favoring system parliamentary one propose to spread the pacifism to
handle the crowds and to channel the rage of the peoples on the ways of the réformisme in the existing system
without reversing it. After all it is exactly of the showing pacifists and democratic that asks the state and
the capital.
These first gatherings that are themselves on the place Syntagma to Athens or on the other central points of the other cities of Greece are informal votes of confidence to a rotten system in his foundation. We see
at the European level that of such movements work as valves against the social war and of class. Which the baton of a cop and the knife of a facho cannot attain, the east by the publicity of "facebookeurs"
apolitical and reformist.
The opposing movement and the radical dissidents have the reactionary nature and against revolutionary of these
forgeries of the revolts of the Arabic world. One of the basic characteristics of capitalism and his strength
to transform and to absorb the voices of those that the challenge. While designating by words such as fumes,
offends, revolution, the system and its supporters hoping thus to belittle the movement of social liberation
and to divert it on colorless ways for themselves.
Warnings given by the madrilènes to the campers of Syntagma such as "no attacks émeutières" were heard by enormously of people. The press of the system reproduces, invents and decorates the pacifist arguments, the selling
as the only hope of perspective.
As long as we do not act to take the means of production, to abolish the property, that a multiracial
rebellion that sets up of the structures mutual insurance companies and car managed, that instead of that
abandon us our flags and our weapons to Syntagma [equally constitution] or anywhere while singing the national
hymn; as long as we remain in a joyous mood with guitars and songs sirupeuses plutô that to take a rock, we
Let's remain the slaves of the employers.

Plus an appeal for solidarity, also in French:

Grèce: Appel urgent à la solidarité internationale
Le but de ce message est de vous informer brièvement de ce qui se passe
ces derniers jours en Grèce et de lancer un appel international de
solidarité à tous les anarchistes à travers le monde.
La Grèce est sur un tournant critique, et de nombreux changements
critiques ont lieu tant dans la société que dans l’économie et la
politique. La désintégration et la dissolution du modèle dominant -jusque
récemment- de pouvoir et d’exploitation est plus qu’évidente et définie ce
qui est communément appelé « crise ». Ce que nous vivons maintenant est la
faillite totale d’un système incapable d’assurer plus longtemps un
consensus social. Ainsi s’engage une attaque frontale, inconditionnelle et
sans prétexte.
Initialement, au début de cette condition qui a été appelée «crise»,
l’attaque s’est produite en termes matériels. Avec la dévaluation du
travail, la réduction horizontale des salaires, la «flexibilité» du
travail, l’institutionnalisation de la précarité, l’augmentation du prix
des produits de consommation et de la facturation des services publics,
l’augmentation des impôts et la réduction des aides sociales. Dans le même
temps, la vente de la richesse publique à des particuliers, la présence
policière généralisée dans les rues, les ventes aux enchères, la hausse du
chômage ont commencé …
A cela s’ajoute le déclenchement d’une attaque de propagande sans précédent.
Les médias de masse contrôlés par l’état et le capital se déchainent à un
rythme effarant catastrophique, publiant des scénarios de désastres et
faisant des grandes révélations comme « Si la troïka n’approuve pas le
prochain versement du prêt, nous allons tomber en morceaux… » Avec tout
cela, le mécanisme de communication du pouvoir gère à brouiller en
permanence les pistes et maintenir une situation de terreur, assurant
finalement la paralysie de la société.
Cependant, la résistance n’a jamais cessé pour une partie de la société
grecque et le prolétariat. Les déclarations sporadiques de grèves
générales sont entourées d’une façon ou de l’autre par des personnes qui
résistent activement et expriment leur volonté de se battre contre ces
conditions imposées par l’état et le capital.
Une nouvelle fois à Athènes lors de la grève générale du 11 mai, des
dizaines de milliers de manifestants ont défilé et exprimé leur opposition
aux nouvelles mesures antisociales du gouvernement grec qui s’abattent sur
les travailleurs et la majorité de la population. Pendant cette
manifestation après qu’une grosse partie du cortège a passé le parlement
et approchait de la fin, les flics attaquèrent vicieusement les blocs les
plus radicaux –anarchistes et antiautoritaires, assemblées de quartier,
bases syndicales, gauche extra-parlementaire – sans qu’il n’y a eu de
provocation. Ils les frappaient avec une sauvagerie sans précédent et
tiraient des centaines de lacrymos, jusqu’à ce que les blocs soient
dispersés. Plus de cent personnes ont été hospitalisées, et certaines
Le camarade Yannis a été le manifestant dont l’état de santé est
actuellement le plus critique. Ayant subit une attaque meurtrière par les
flics qui lui a causé de graves blessures à la tête, il dut être transféré
à l’hôpital dans un état ante mortem –selon le rapport médical délivré
plus tard. Après le constat de l’ampleur de l’hémorragie interne par les
médecins, il dût subir aussitôt une intervention chirurgicale; il est
depuis intubé en Clinique de soins intensifs. Sa situation reste critique
mais stable, sans pour autant être tiré d’affaire.
Il est évident que ces attaques meurtrières contre les grévistes, ce
mercredi 11 mai, avaient pour seul objectif, d’intimider le peuple et tous
ceux qui résistent aux attaques du pouvoir étatique et capitaliste.
C’était un acte exemplaire pour l’assujettissement de la population,
semblant leur délivrer le message: restez à la maison, tranquilles et
Dans le cadre de la même procédure la souveraineté «emploie» de plus en
plus l’extrême-droite qui est une «ramification» de l’état. La flambée
récente de violences racistes dans tout le pays, a atteint son apogée la
semaine dernière. Instrumentalisant le meurtre de sang-froid d’un résident
d’Athènes pour une histoire de vol, faisant les immigrés un cible, un
pogrom sans précédent contre les immigrés a été déclenché. Des groupes de
fascistes issus d’organisations ou autonomes, des racistes, et des
personnes d’extrême droite, ont saisit l’opportunité pour se réunir tous
les soirs et attaquer des immigrés, en blessant plusieurs, et la mort d’un
immigré économique semble leur incomber. Dans le même temps, les
néo-nazis, assistés de la police, attaquent les squats du centre-ville et
nous mettent dans une situation ou nous devons se défendre contre la
barbarie policière et la brutalité des fascistes mettant nos vies en
La gravité de la situation est évidente. Au moment où la société se fait
attaquer sans précédent en termes matériels, les parties politiques de la
société les plus radicales – le milieu anarchiste étant le plus principal-
sont ciblés par les fascistes et la police- et cette fois ci littéralement
si on prend compte de la rage meurtrière des attaques.
C’est pour cela que nous lançons de toute urgence un appel international
de solidarité!
La solidarité a toujours été une des valeurs caractéristiques de
l’anarchie. Nous avons toujours compté sur la solidarité pour soutenir nos
luttes, combattre l’isolement et la retraite dans la vie privée,
encouragés par le pouvoir étatique, ainsi que l’individualisme et le
démantèlement de la notion de collectif que le capitalisme promeut.
Maintenant que la société grecque et le prolétariat souffrent d’une
détérioration sans pareil de ses conditions de vie, maintenant que les
anarchistes sont sous une telle oppression qui prend actuellement des
dimensions de tentative de meurtres, maintenant que le milieu politique
anarchiste est sous la menace de la violence de l’état et des fachos, nous
avons besoin de voir nos compagnons, tout autour du monde, appeler à des
actions de solidarité pour notre lutte; d’organiser des événements, des
manifestations, des marches, de protester, par des textes, en parole et en
acte, par tout ce que les compagnons jugent le plus approprié. Toutes les
expressions de solidarité révolutionnaire, que les anarchistes connaissent
et veulent démontrer, vitaliseront nos esprits et renforceront nos luttes.
Salutations fraternelles,
Groupe de communistes libertaires d’Athènes
Eutopia (journal)
Voir aussi les liens suivants: Plus d’informations sur les récents
événements en Grèce D’autres infos (en anglais) vidéo:
la police attaque la manifestation du 11 mai vidéo:
coopération Fascistes/immigrés d’attaques d’immigrés
photos: nazis attaquent des immigrés photos:
la police attaque la manifestation du 11 mai photos:
la police attaque la manifestation du 11 mai photos:
la police attaque la manifestation du 11 mai

Machine translation:

Greece: Urgent call to international solidarity
The goal of this message is to inform you briefly of what happens the latter days in Greece and to launch an international call of solidarity to all the anarchists through the
world. Greece is on a turn criticizes, and many critical changes take place so in the corporation that in the economy and the political one. Disintegration and the dissolution of
the dominating model -even recently- of strength and of exploitation is more evident and more defined which commonly is called "crisis". Which we live now is the total bankruptcy
of an incapable system to assure a long time a social consensus. Thus is involved itself a frontal, unconditional attack and without pretext.

Initially, at first of this condition that was called "crisis", the attack produced itself in material terms.
With the devaluation of the work, the horizontal reduction of the salaries, the "flexibility" work, the
institutionalization of the pigeon fancying, the increase of the price of the consumer products and invoice of
the public services, the increase of the taxes and the reduction of the social assistance. At the same time,
the sale of public wealth to special, the police presence generalized in the streets, the sales to the bids,
the increase of the unemployment began …

Thereto adds the triggering of an attack of unprecedented publicity. The controlled media of mass by the state and the capital itself déchainent to a disastrous scaring rhythm, publishing scenarios of disasters and doing the
big revelations as "If the troika does not approve the next payment of the ready one, we will fall in pieces…" With all that, the mechanism of communication of the strength manages to jumble in permanence the tracks and to
maintain a terror position, assuring finally the paralysis Corporation.

Nevertheless, the resistance never stopped for a part of the Greek corporation and the prolétariat. The
sporadic declarations of general strikes are surrounded by a manner or other by people that withstand actively
and express their will to beat itself against these conditions taxed by the state and the capital.

A new time to Athens at the time of the general strike of May 11, tens of thousands of show marched and
expressed their opposition to the new antisocial measures of the Greek government that cut down themselves on
the workers and the majority of the population. During this demonstration after a big party of the procession
passed the parliament and approached the end, the cops attacked cunngingly the pads more radical –anarchists
and antiauthoritarian, assembled neighborhood, union bases, left parliamentary first rate – without that it did
not have provocation. They hit them with an unprecedented savagery and pulled hundreds of lacrymos, until the
pads are dispersed. More than hundred people were hospitalized, and certain operated on.

The friend Yannis was the showing of which the health state is currently the most critical one. Having
undergoes an attack deadly by the cops that caused him of engrave injuries to the head, it dut to be
transferred to the hospital in a state ante mortem –according to the medical delivered report later. After the
report of the extent of the internal bleeding by the doctors, it dût to undergo immediately a surgical
intervention; it is since intubé in Clinic of intensive cares. His position remains critical but stable,
without for as much to be pulled matter.

It is evident that these deadly attacks against the strikers, this Wednesday May 11, had for single objective, to intimidate the people and all those that withstand the attacks of the strength étatique and
capitalist. This was an exemplary act for the subjection of the population, pretence to deliver them the message: remain at the house, quiet and disciplined.

In the framework of the same procedure the sovereignty "employs" more and more the extreme right that is a "ramification"
state. The recent flare-up of racist violence in the whole country, attained his apogee last week. Instrumentalisant the
murder of self-control of a resident of Athens for a flight history, doing the immigrants a target, an unprecedented
pogrom against the immigrants was released. Groups of Fascist ones coming from organizations or autonomous, racists, and
people of extreme right, have seizes the timeliness to combine itself all the evenings and attack immigrants, while
injuring several, and the economical death of an immigrant seems to fall them. At the same time, the Nazi neos, attended
police, attack the squats of the center city and we put in a position or we must defend themselves against police
barbarity and the brutality of the Fascist putting our lives in danger. The seriousness of the position is evident. The
moment the corporation does itself to attack unprecedented in material terms, the political parties of the corporation
more radical – the environment anarchist being the most principal one- are targeted by the Fascist and the police- and
this time literally if one takes counts deadly rage of the attacks.

It is for that that we sand eels of any urgency an international call of solidarity!

Solidarity always was one of the characteristic values of anarchy. We always counted on the solidarity to
support our fights, to fight the isolation and the retirement in private life, encouraged by the strength
étatique, as well as individualism and the dismantling of the notion of collective one that capitalism

Now that the Greek corporation and the prolétariat suffer from an unequalled deterioration of its conditions of life,
now that the anarchists are under such a oppression that takes currently dimensions of attempt of murders, now that
the political environment anarchist is under the threat of the violence of the state and fachos, we need to see our
companions, all around the world, call for actions of solidarity For our fight; to organize events, demonstrations,
markets, to protest, by texts, in word and in act, by all that the companions judge the most fitting one. All the
expressions of revolutionary solidarity, that the known anarchists and want to show, vitaliseront our spirits and
will reinforce our fights.

Brotherly greetings,

Group of Communist libertarians of Athens Eutopia (newspaper)

See also, the following links: Plus d’informations sur les récents
événements en Grèce D’autres infos (en anglais) vidéo:
la police attaque la manifestation du 11 mai vidéo:
coopération Fascistes/immigrés d’attaques d’immigrés
photos: nazis attaquent des immigrés photos:
la police attaque la manifestation du 11 mai photos:
la police attaque la manifestation du 11 mai photos:
la police attaque la manifestation du 11 mai

Apologies for the uncorrected machine translation, but i don't have the time to go through it all for the moment.

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Jun 2 2011 08:21

Samotnaf, I already posted a link for that first article properly translated into english

Here is the second one in a better translation from the group's blog

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Jun 2 2011 11:36

Sorry about that - hadn't looked at that link (in fact, got it confused with a later link).

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Jun 3 2011 01:34

Latest from occupied London, to cheer you up this Friday morning:

The greek government spokesman, Giorgos Petalotis, was scheduled to speak at a party event at Alexoupoleos street in Argyroupoli, Athens tonight. He was attacked with yoghurt and eggs by approximately fifty people who had gathered at the building’s entrance. Riot police arrived swiftly, detaining some of the protestors

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Jun 6 2011 22:00

Sunday saw the biggest rally in this round of protests. ROAR reports, and so does From The Greek Streets. There will be another general strike on Jun 15th, and I read in the second linked articel that there is a call to block parliament from the day before that. With at least 100.000, and possibly up to half million, people on the streets, and new action being planned, the Greek events deserve maybe a bit more attention by communists/ anarchists than they are actually getting.

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Jun 7 2011 02:41
the Greek events deserve maybe a bit more attention by communists/ anarchists than they are actually getting.

I agree - but I think a lot of revolutionaries of whatever label (or none) feel kind of overwhelmed by new events and the need to further nuance their take on things, preferring to either wait till things have "settled", or to just safely look at the most "objective" aspects (eg economic developments) or merely to keep silent for fear of being quickly out of date; but it's only by making new mistakes - including tentative analyses - that this movement will advance and face the immensity of its tasks and desires....
and obviously it's certainly not just confined to Greece, but becoming - in all its different elements of history, culture and political-economy - a world movement that could be as big as '68 or 1917, or bigger, at least a year from now if not sooner...

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Jun 12 2011 18:57
Last night (June 11th) the popular assembly of Syntagma square announced a call to blockade the Greek parliament ahead of the voting of the so-called Mid-term agreement between the Greek government and the troika (IMF/ECB/EU). The new agreement includes wild tax increases, the further slashing of wages and pensions and the lay-off of approximately more 100,000 civil servants in the next few years.

- from On the Greek Streets (occupied London).

- About a little more than a year ago Greek citizens attacked verbally Greek politicians who were dining in a restaurant on the tourist island of Paros.
- On December 15, 2010, during a small demonstration at Syntagma Square a few demonstrators attacked verbally, and with a few punches, Kostis Hadzidakis a conservative (rightist) member of parliament. Hadzidakis is a rather mild-mannered and polite person....
- At a rally initiated by the great composer Mikis Theodorakis and organized by the University of Athens about a week ago, there were about six thousand people in front of the U. of Athens, while nearby, at Syntagma Square, there were people in the tens of thousands. Mikis Theodorakis gave a speech and the rally ended. Then about 500 of the people from the rally walked to Syntagma by the Parliament and started spitting and using the (fatal) "moutza" insult of the open palms, against the members of the Greek Parliament as they were leaving in their cars.
- For the last 5 or 6 days there have been such incidents daily. On June 7, there were three such incidents. The attacks were verbal, "moutzes", and throwing of eggs, yogurt, coffee cups, etc. In a couple of cases someone threw a stone....
The results of the insult activities:
- All the Greek politicians (repeat: "all") have the shit scared out of them. They know that they and their families from now on cannot visit a restaurant, or a coffee-shop, or other public places.
- Papandreou, the Prime Minister, on June 7, was obliged to consult with his cabinet for 8 consecutive hours. Yesterday, he did the same with the entire team of his parliamentarians, around 160 people, for 13 consecutive hours.
- For the first time in Greek politics the parliamentarians of a governing party are talking back to their leader... the Prime Minister. It seems that this might be a case of the rats leaving a sinking ship.

- from here.

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Jun 14 2011 00:59

Mute's blog about Greece:

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Jun 15 2011 21:43

Busy day in Greece today.

Streamed coverage from occupiedlondon

bbc coverage


fave pic so far:

"Call that a baton? That's not a baton. This is a baton!"

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Jun 15 2011 15:33

Heavy cop attacks with brutal injuries, the luxurious Hotel Prince George and the Ministry of Economics attacked by protesters, occupations...

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Jun 15 2011 18:14

BBC General Strike Image Gallery

seems like the state repression and escalation of protest is radicalising the assemblies and demonstrators...

the occupied london updates are invaluable

also this:

Occupied London wrote:
20.41 (GMT+2) An estimated 20-30,000 people are at Syntagma at the moment and more are arriving by the minute. Tonight’s assembly is starting very soon, and it will most likely concern itself with the impeding announcements by Greek PM Papandreou, possibly about a “national unity” government.

Will be interesting to see what resolutions are passed...

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Jun 16 2011 02:37

From metamute

Wednesday, 15 June 2011


The Syntagma assembly is over. They voted on a statement to continue fighting. There was no agreement over adding statements about a 'long-lasting general strike' (unclear why), and they didn't favour a condemnation of violent 'hooded provocateurs'.

Some quotes from speakers: "A big thank you to the Metro workers who kept its doors open and provided medical support to those who were hurt by teargas" "We will not tolerate another government of technocrats" "The only solution is in our hands, we are the only solution and we must be ready to provide it" "Those rogues (Dias riot police team) are hooligans and we should vote to condemn them"...

What to make of all these stories about provocateurs? I guess there are a few of them but that's not to say that there wasn't a "real" fight between demonstrators and police as well, it's not to say that there is no black bloc. Are they being provoked and used to legitimise mass teargassing? Maybe that's what those who hired the infiltrators think they are doing. That they cultivate the delusions of those who still believe that if they are peaceful the state won't dare repress them. Today it seems however that this delusion was damaged... Few in the assembly blamed anyone for the teargas and violent repression but the riot cops themselves, and it seems that there was a 'no blame' attitude since 'hooded provocateurs' are virtually indistinguishable from other demonstrators fighting against police lines. When a man asked "who were those people throwing stuff" some in the audience responded "it was us!"...

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Jun 16 2011 06:39

More from 'Occupied London':

At times, it felt like worlds in collusion: the naivety of pacificism, the fetischisation of anti-police violence. And around this collusion, a myriad others… In Syntagma today we fought off the Neo-nazis of the Golden Dawn, who had the nerve to show up at a General Strike. We saw the demonstrators’ clashing with police in the square’s South-eastern corner (for an unjustifiably long time) being followed by an astonishing, but only momentary, sweeping clean of the thousands on its square. People were trampled over tents, gassed like ants, fainting all over. By the time that the Delta motorcycle police tried to come into play, people had learnt the rules of the game — and they pushed them off. Twelve hours of nearly uninterrupted beating, tear-gassing, running, fighting. For these twelve hours, Syntagma compressed and showed naked the haphazard patterns into which people’s actions are cornered by this social order. A social order that is crumbling, an authority at loss, unable to manage its populace any longer. A regime that has fallen a while ago, only resting on the fallacy of some imagined national unity to try engineer change, to lengthen its days.

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Jun 17 2011 13:18

Article on Greek protests by members of the Occupied Londen collective... on Aljazeera. And yes, they provide a link to Occupied Londen as well:-)

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Jun 17 2011 18:25

48-hour strike called to coincide with the parliamentary vote over the next bail-out.

Occupied London wrote:
The largest mainstream trade union in Greece, GSEE, has just announced a 48-hour strike to coincide with the parliamentary debate and vote on the Greek government’s new bail-out agreement with the IMF, the EU and the ECB. The dates of the strike and the parliamentary vote are likely to fall between late June and early July.
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Jun 18 2011 19:04

I wonder if there'll be overlap with June 30th.. fingers crossed!

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Jun 19 2011 04:37
Fears that a debt-choked Athens could plunge global financial markets into turmoil are mounting as Germany and France edge closer to a new multibillion rescue package for the nation. Eurozone finance ministers are expected to give the green light to an emergency loan for the country when they convene for urgent talks in Luxembourg.
But as George Papandreou, Greece's beleaguered prime minister, also prepares to hold emergency discussions with European commission president José Manuel Barroso, the assurances have done little to dampen concerns that Athens is heading towards default. The chances are "so high that you almost have to say there is no way out", said Alan Greenspan, the former US Federal Reserve chairman. His prediction followed reports that 18 months after the eruption of Europe's worst crisis in decades, the European commission has begun to have a "profound sense of foreboding" about Greece and the future of the eurozone.

- from here.

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Jun 20 2011 10:01

Sam, that's a really interesting quote (though I suspect it's really what a lot of us are thinking anyway..).. it definitely feels like Greece is on its way to defaulting.. but to be honest I don't have the economic knowledge to even begin predicting what that will mean.. any thoughts from more knowledgable people? I mean, maybe the Euro will collapse but even with this, beyond seeing stuff like Lira or whatever come back, I don't really know what the actual affects will be for workers.. also, if Greece defaults, will that just affect Greece or will other countries go-under as well (I guess French and German banks won't fancy pinning more money on Portugal).. anyway, loads of questions!

Last thing, I've read a lot of stuff about all the street confrontations in Greece, and strikes etc but I've not read very much about the 'I Won't Pay' movement.. they seem pretty interesting but all I've found has been some shitey articles on different mainstream news sites (like this one, which goes on about 'bleary-eyed communists' and the reckless free-loading spirit of the Greeks!)..

They seem pretty cool though, stopping people from paying for public transport, motorway tolls and even medical bills.. anyone got any more information about them?

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Jun 20 2011 11:27

I too don't have the economic knowledge to even begin predicting what that will mean, but I'd guess it would mean an even greater crisis for the proletariat of Europe - even greater competition between the different capitalist economies, greater pay cuts, etc.

This is totally off the top of my head - me thinking out loud, and it's intellectually intuitive speculation that I won't defend if someone comes up with a dismissive take that clarifies it all, but....

I was wondering if part of the attack on Greece (apart from the fact that this is a counter-attack by the ruling society against the uprising in 2008 and its consequences, plus a way of undermining the margin of freedom that workers in Greece still have as a result of almost all extended families having some independence from the world market by having access to/ownership of land where they can grow their own stuff) is a war of the US against the eurozone. There are some conspiracy theories doing the rounds that the arrest of Strauss-Kahn was because he was pushing for an IMF attack on the US similar to the attack on Greece. Of course, like virtually all conspiracy theories, this has little evidence to back it up and besides, there's nothing nowadays that isn't the object of a conspiracy theory ("why did my cat get hit by a car?") and of course, such a hypothetical decision to impose even greater austerity measures on the US than Walker & co are devising, would be a collective decision, but it certainly helps the very weak US economy vis a vis Europe, though not of course, against China (which, itself, is advancing on its control of the Greek economy). Sure, the fact that - as a possible threat by the US to other leading IMF members (the IMF is not totally under the control of the US - it has a considerable degree of independence from any particular national ruling class) if they try to do a Greece on the US - the consequence is temporarily helpful to the US doesn't prove a conspiracy. But fuck the conspiracy angle: the reality is that the strategy of each national ruling class and the rulers collectively even if opposed to each other is to make cash and potential (hierarchical) order from chaos, and all these economic manipulations are as important for their future as the very real possibility of a nuclear war (probably confined to the middle east) as a way of repressing, derailing and diverting the slow and sometimes not so slow build- up towards a global contestation of class power....

Well, that's quite a big bit of speculation - but what do people think?

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Jun 20 2011 14:32

No great insights but...
There's a theory that through credit default swaps the US economy, already extremely fragile, could be the first victim of a default. The consequences for the European economies are somewhat unknowable but must be devastating (known unknown) particularly for the Irish, Portugese and so on. But all the national economies inside and outside the euro would take a hit. The consequences of an unmanaged default would throw the banking system back into a severe Lehmann-style crisis as banks, unsure of each other, would refuse to believe or lend on others' balance-sheets (unknown unknowns).
A middle to longer-term consequence would be the strengthening of "each for themselves" as each national capital tried to gain some advantage against their rivals through competitive devaluations and so on, strengthening an already existing trend of protectionism (which led to World War II out of the expression of the crisis of the 1930s).

The working class and the poor would obviously suffer the worst because they will inevitably ending up paying for it through higher direct and indirect taxation. But roll on the crisis and all strength and solidarity to the working class in Greece for refusing to pay for the crisis of capitalism.