1926 general strike photo gallery

Photos and documents from the British general strike of 1926. Taken from Woolf Online.

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Nov 21 2012 16:13


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Dec 9 2012 10:53

Just to point out that the photo captioned ‘Tanks deployed’ are actually armoured cars similar to the type that had been used by the black and tans.

A tank has tracks, which enables it to span trenches, roll over and crush barricades, etc. It changed the military balance during WW1 from defensive superiority to one where it was possible to take the offensive (taking over the role previously played by the cavalry as the ‘spearhead’, which the invention of the machine gun had made obsolete).

See ‘http://urbanglasgow.co.uk/archive/tank-on-trongate__o_t__t_677.html’ which shows the tanks that were sent to Glasgow during the short general strike there in 1919.

Jun 11 2013 15:24

Some people may find this ‘entertaining’ regarding the 1926 General Strike.

Stanley Holloway (an old comedian) provides a commentary for a series of historic reels titled ‘Time To Remember 1926 – Short Sharp Shower’.

Reel 3:
03:00 onwards - Holloway – “Oh dear! Another strike, said Aunty Jessie.”

Reel 4:
The commentary is beyond parody it makes Joseph Goebbels appear subtle.
Peter Baylis, who wrote and produced this travesty, what an ignoramus!


Edit: Oops sorry, was a bit rude, too much rid biddy,