1934 Minneapolis Teamsters strike photo gallery

Images from the 1934 Teamsters strike in Minneapolis, one of the most iconic strikes in American history. The strikers shut down transport of goods in the city and battled police and employer vigilante groups.

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Juan Conatz
Jul 20 2012 21:09


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Juan Conatz
Jul 20 2012 21:12

I've had these on my computer for a while. I need to track down where I got them and put captions for all of them.

Apr 22 2014 23:36

Been going a bit silly on the British Pathe youtube recently, came across this cool video from the Minneapolis teamsters strike..

Oct 4 2016 09:33

I juan- im looking for a birthday preasent for a friend- and some beautiful framed prints of this strike would be perfect- do you know where i could get/ buy good quality prints of the Teamsters strike?

Juan Conatz
Nov 24 2021 18:30


I've had some luck finding some historical prints of pictures on Ebay. They were mostly baseball related though but it may be worth checking out.

Also, sometimes if you Google Search, pictures like these are available on a site to buy prints.