May 1st, 2012 posters and graphics

Collection of Occupy related images that have been floating around the internet on the topic of a May 1st general strike.

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Juan Conatz
Feb 3 2012 09:36


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Feb 3 2012 11:10

Most of this stuff is coming from the Occupy LA General Strike Preparation Committee. If you'd like to download any of these and get them up on buildings throughout the country (and the world) you can download them from:

Juan Conatz
Feb 3 2012 11:16

Yeah I was wondering where they were coming from. A couple of them I made myself and others I know who made them, but most have been reposted on Facebook and I was unclear who was making them

Feb 3 2012 12:18

image 11.... wtf?

Feb 3 2012 15:09

some are very good, some seem to me to miss the mark, but i'll certainly be distributing before May 1

Feb 4 2012 14:25

Yo, thanks for posting this. A quick note on galleries, basically a cover image which will show up on the gallery index needs to go in the very bottom spot where pictures can be uploaded - it is slightly different from the rest of the gallery images. You can see on the gallery index here that this gallery doesn't have a cover image yet:

so you can either add a new one or just re-upload one of the existing ones, and delete the older version of it. That cool?

Feb 4 2012 18:04

I really, really like image 14.

Feb 4 2012 19:44

check out for a collection of other similar images from the uk

Feb 5 2012 17:37
Anatta wrote:
image 11.... wtf?


Juan Conatz
Feb 27 2012 08:32

Just added a bunch more that have been floating around.

Juan Conatz
Apr 17 2012 04:22

Added a bunch more

Juan Conatz
Apr 17 2012 13:55
redsdisease wrote:
I really, really like image 14.

The stone throwing one? That was me. Playin around on GIMP.

Apr 17 2012 14:28

post 1 mentions that some of these can be downloaded form the occupymay1st site, but i think there are more images here now, and can they be downloaded from this page?

Juan Conatz
Apr 17 2012 15:08

Right click and open new tab/window. But they're not going to be hi-res. For that, you'd need to track down where they were originally posted. For some of them you can check out that site called Occuprint. For others, Copy Image URL and Google Image Search them to see if you can track down hi-res versions.