Yakov Ozerov and the guilt of Trotsky

Yakov Ozerov

A short biography of the Maximalist Yakov Ozerov, Makhnovist chief of staff.

The Rosewood massacre, 1923

Ruins of Carrier house where the family defended themselves against a white mob

A short history of the massacre of Black residents in the town of Rosewood, Florida, by racist white mobs in 1923. Written by Liam Kilby.

Sizikov, Ivan Evgenyevich (1883-1921)

Ivan Sizikov

A short biography of Siberian anarchist communist Ivan Sizikov

Kurilenko, Vasily Vasilyevich (1891-1921)

Vasily Kurilenko (centre)

A short biography of anarchist communist and Makhnovist Vasily Kurilenko

Danilov, Vasiliy Antonovich (1893 - 1960)

Vasily Danilov and Rosa, Bucharest, 1954

Kharlamov, Vasiliy Antonovich (1899-1964)

Kharlamov on right

A short biography of Vasily Kharlamov, Makhnovist and close friend of Nestor Makhno.

Krat, Filipp Mefodiovich (or Mikheevich) 1885/1886-1921)

Krat with wife Stepanida

A short biography of Filipp Krat, anarchist communist and Makhnovist.

The Most Intransigent of Bolsheviks: Gavril Miasnikov, the Workers Group and the Degeneration of the Russian Revolution

A new biography of Left-Communist Gavril Miasnikov and the Workers Group of the Russian Communist Party.

Protsenko, Vladimir Trofimovich (or Trifonovich) (1891-1921)

Makhnovist villages coming together to bury deceased partisans (1918).

A short biography of anarchist communist and Makhnovist Vladimir Protsenko.

Matrosenko, Anton Dmitrievich (1888-1921)

photo of Makhno by Yampolsky

A short biography of Anton Matrosenko, anarchist communist and active in Makhnovist cultural activities