Liberty: A journal of anarchist communism

Liberty (front cover)

Founded in London in 1894 by James Tochatti and Louisa Sarah Bevington, Liberty (subtitled A Journal of Anarchist Communism) was a short-lived but influential anarchist publication. Contributors included William Morris, Sam Mainwaring, Errico Malatesta, Peter Kropotkin, Louise Michel, F. D. Nieuwenhuis and others.

Liberty UK (Jan-Feb 1895).pdf9.32 MB
Liberty UK (Mar-Apr 1895).pdf7.68 MB
Liberty UK (May-June 1895).pdf8.15 MB
Liberty UK (July-Aug 1895).pdf9.1 MB
Liberty UK (Sept-Oct 1895).pdf10.29 MB
Liberty UK (Nov-Dec 1895).pdf10.02 MB
Liberty UK (Jan 1896).pdf4.14 MB
Liberty UK (Feb 1896).pdf3.97 MB
Liberty UK (Mar 1896).pdf5.45 MB
Liberty UK (Apr 1896).pdf3.26 MB
Liberty UK (May 1896).pdf3.84 MB
Liberty UK (Jun 1896).pdf4.13 MB
Liberty UK (Jul 1896).pdf5 MB
Liberty UK (Aug 1896).pdf5.48 MB
Liberty UK (Sept-Oct 1896).pdf3.75 MB
Liberty UK (Nov 1896).pdf2.88 MB


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Thank you!

Mar 29 2010 11:11

this is really excellent, thank you!

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Mar 14 2011 08:55

Any chance of issues 1- 12 being put up?

Boris Badenov
Mar 15 2011 14:50

Sorry Battlescarred, that's all there was on the microfilm rolls. I've yet to find the first year. Naturally, I will upload it here if I do.

Mar 15 2011 15:02

Excellent work anyway, Boris, and a great opportunity for a look into the British anarchist movement at that time.