After the Fall: communiqués from occupied California

After the Fall: communiqués from occupied California

Collecting the major statements from the 2009/10 waves of university occupations, After the Fall is a love letter to the insurgent students and workers on California campuses and was used to build for the March 4 strike attempt.

1. We are the Crisis: A Report on the California Occupation Movement
7. Communique from an Absent Future
12. Occupy California, UC Santa Cruz
13. The Beatings Will Continue, UC Santa Cruz
14. The Necrosocial: Civic Life, Social Death and The UC
16. Carter-Huggins Hall: Occupation Statement and Post-Occupation Statement, UCLA
18. No Capital Projects But the End of Capital, UC Berkeley
19. Anti-Capital Projects: Questions & Answers, UC Berkeley
21. A Call to the Future: From In and Around Occupied Wheeler, UC Berkeley
22. Voices from Wheeler Hall, UC Berkeley
23. Reflections on Kerr Hall, UC Santa Cruz
26. Back to Mrak: An Assessment, UC Davis
27. There Can Be Nothing Between Us Except Enmity, UC Berkeley
28. The Bricks We Throw at Police Today Will Build the Liberation Schools of Tomorrow
31. We are Still Here, San Francisco State
32. No Conclusions When Another World is Unpopular
Appendix: Occupation: A Do-It-Yourself Guide
+ Inserts: Map, Action Timeline, Poster, More Information (Links & Further Reading)


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