DAM and the trade unions

DAM and the trade unions

A DAM pamphlet from the 1980's outlining what is wrong with trade unionism, then a mass movement, and the anarcho-syndicalist alternative. Scanned by and gratefully taken from The Sparrows' Nest.

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Nov 12 2012 20:57


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klas batalo
Nov 13 2012 06:08

thanks for this! grin


may i also just say minus some terminology and historical references, this remains very contemporary and relevant.

anarcho-syndicalist factory committees sound exactly like council communist factory organizations. both federate industrially and geographically, etc.


klas batalo
Nov 14 2012 15:51

also can someone please tell me what this font was called? i've seen it on so many pamphlets from the period. it is awesome.

Nov 19 2012 12:00

The pamphlet is interesting in that it attempts a critique of the official Labour Movement for its involvement in Corporatism! This is lacking in Anarchist Syndicalism theory today!