Direct Action journal


Jan 6 2014 00:39

This will take me a while but I found an archive of DA here looks complete. I'll be adding them here as and when I have time.

Jan 6 2014 14:10

Brilliant, thanks! Have added the publications tag here.

Jan 6 2014 20:40

Hmm for some reason I keep getting error messages when I try to add more issues.

Jan 6 2014 23:24

You probably hit the upload limit for contributors. I have tried to increase the limit. Let me know if that didn't work (I ran into a related problem, so if it didn't work won't be able to sort it until tomorrow probably)

Jan 15 2014 07:01

Nope still receiving the error, I tried making a child page to get around it and that didn't work either.
Also I'm getting similar errors while trying to add attachments to other pages.

Jan 28 2014 13:48

Looks like you are being able to add more at the moment, is it going okay?

I am getting validation errors quite a lot adding attachments. But if you post the article with no attachments, then edit it and add them afterwards it seems to mostly work. It's annoying having to do this workaround, but until we sort the problem it will probably continue

Jan 28 2014 14:08

So far its working again on here, but I still get the validation error on other pages. And I can't really do what you do since I'm adding attachments to existing articles.