General strike 1926 - further reading guides

General strike 1926 - further reading guides

libcom's guide to further reading around the UK general strike of 1926.

On Britain - Trotsky
Writings on Britain - Trotsky (3 Vols.)
Marxism and Trade Union Struggle: The General Strike of 1926 - Cliff/Gluckstein (SWPGB)
The General Strike - Skelley, Ed.
The General Strike - J. Symons
Nine Days - A.J. Cook
British Socialism - Anthony Wright
Communism in Britain - Woodhouse/Pearce
A Lost Left - Howell

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Jan 29 2010 18:13

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Oct 12 2011 00:11

Browsing my Dad's Socialism bookshelf, I found:

MAY 1926 "The General Strike"
Britain's Aborted Revolution?

Christopher Farman
(Panther, 1974)
I've flicked through it, it doesn't impress me...

Anyone know it? Read or burn?

Mar 22 2012 21:33

Hi Pikel, I just finished reading Chris Farman's book.

It does not give a 'LibCom' perspective but I learnt much through the book and in certain chapters it does provide a history 'from below'.