Revolution and other writings - Gustav Landauer

Revolution and other writings - Gustav Landauer

The comprehensive collection of Landauer's writing in English and a celebration of one of the most important agitators in the revolutionary movement. The collection includes his major work Revolution alongside 30 additional essays, articles and correspondence. The texts cover his entire biography, from the early anarchism of the 1890s to his philosophical reflections at the turn of the century and his tireless agitatation against the war. Presented with an extensive introduction compiled by the editor and translator, Grabriel Kuhn.

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Anna Chi
Jan 31 2014 17:23

I just registered on What is the significance of the link to an attachment (supposedly a book)? Clicking on the link does nothing.

Anna Chi

Anna Chi
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Sorry, the link does what you'd expect. The download was so lightning fast I couldn't perceive anything happening. All is well.