Kurasje documents

Kurasje documents

The majority of texts from council communist archive Kurasje.org.

In October 2010, online council communist website Kurasje.org went down.

One of libcom.org's users, cog, had duplicates of most of their articles, contained in several Word documents. These documents are available for download, below.

They are split into five parts.

Kurasje - contains all historical texts up to 1943.
Council communist introductions - contains all introductory texts about Council communism.
Pannekoek - all texts by Anton Pannekoek, split into two parts.
Mattick - all texts by Paul Mattick, split into two parts.

Readers should also note that the majority of English-language articles from Kurasje.org were already also hosted on libcom.org.

kurasje.doc1.83 MB
Council communism intros.doc635.5 KB
Pannekoek 1.doc1.53 MB
Pannekoek 2.doc891.5 KB
Paul Mattick1.doc1.92 MB
Paul Mattick2.doc2.02 MB
kurasje.pdf2.35 MB
Council communism intros.pdf738.11 KB
Pannekoek 1.pdf2 MB
Pannekoek 2.pdf1.22 MB
Paul Mattick1.pdf2.49 MB
Paul Mattick2.pdf2.63 MB
kurasje - Unknown.epub657.17 KB
Council communism - an introduction.epub76.18 KB
Pannekoek 1 - Unknown.epub538.29 KB
Pannekoek 2 - Unknown.epub295.27 KB
Paul Mattick1 - Unknown.epub773.47 KB
Paul Mattick2 - Unknown.epub692.82 KB
kurasje - Unknown.mobi1.09 MB
Council communism - an introduction.mobi309.08 KB
Pannekoek 1 - Unknown.mobi938.85 KB
Pannekoek 2 - Unknown.mobi527.08 KB
Paul Mattick1 - Unknown.mobi1.03 MB
Paul Mattick2 - Unknown.mobi1.2 MB


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May 23 2013 23:18

Interesting. Thanks for putting this up.

Sep 9 2014 17:39

Quite interesting docs, I thought I use the opportunity to practice bulk file conversion.

Sep 9 2014 22:38
Reddebrek wrote:
Quite interesting docs, I thought I use the opportunity to practice bulk file conversion.

great stuff, thanks. Ideally these will all go in the library with their own individual entries, unfortunately I just haven't had a chance to sort through them