Processed World magazine


Dec 9 2010 05:49

Few months ago all the issues of Processed World were scanned and made available online, in PDF format by The Internet Archive. See

Dec 26 2010 20:00

This has now been completed. Many thanks to Ludd for all his assistance in doing this, it has been a truly massive piece of work for which we are extremely grateful!

All text articles from the Processed World site are here. We will add the PDFs as well shortly.

Dec 28 2010 18:12

From the few issues I've read, it seems like it was all worthwhile. So I give my thanks as well.

Dec 28 2010 23:22

Cheers. PDFs now done as well!

Dec 28 2010 23:24

Has there been anything more recent put out like this?

Dec 29 2010 00:41

Not as far as I'm aware, no