Solidarity for workers' power #2.03

Solidarity for workers' power #2.03

Issue of Solidarity from 21 May 1962 with articles about an unofficial struggle against tea break reductions at Ford Dagenham, the civil rights movement and more.


  • Whither peanuts? - article on a rowdy May Day demonstration, arguing for solidarity with the "troublemakers".
  • News from Ford - a participants account of a successful unofficial struggle at Ford's Dagenham plant of workers against bosses and the unions against the reduction of tea break times.
  • A busman writes - Colin Seale - short article about bus workers rejecting a bigger pay increase because it increased wage differentials between drivers and conductors.
  • Empty the gaols! - Nick Ralph - article about a Committee of 100 action.
  • The Negro struggle - Owen Cahill - an account by an American sympathiser with the violent and dramatic events in August/September 1961 in Monroe, North Carolina.
  • The long resolution - E Morse - spoof song about the joys of passing left-wing resolutions in meetings
  • You, again… - readers' letters.
  • The civil liberties fraud. 1. A case of civic disobedience - Andy Anderson - Andy Anderson recounts his summoning to court for refusal to pay the element of his rates which are earmarked for Civil Defence.
  • 2. Threats to rights of assembly - Pat Arrowsmith - an account of being arrested and charged for speaking at a meeting at Liverpool docks.
  • Peasant revolt in North Kent - Ron Bailey - an account of a protest at a council meeting about the Civil Defence rates charges.
  • Working class consciousness - continued from issue #2.02
  • Scratch… Scratch… - Leaked internal bulletins from the Trotskyist Socialist Labour League revealing a crisis of leadership within their own ranks.
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