Collection of issues of Vengeance, an insurrectionary anarchist influenced publication from California.

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Juan Conatz
Oct 13 2012 03:07


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Juan Conatz
Oct 13 2012 10:12

Looking back at this, there's stuff in these that I still find exciting and other stuff that's a bit underwhelming now, but I should point out the pretty big influence this and the group Modesto Anarcho had on American anarchism (specifically the non-IWW/political organization kind). While it didn't do it single-handily1, it for sure got class war on the agenda.

There's more than a few folks involved in the political organizations here or the IWW, in which these publications played a large part in their trajectory.

  • 1. The economic crisis, the California student movement, communization theory played big parts, as well
Oct 13 2012 23:30

I love that no one every got that it was Tragedy lyrics in the background.