Works of Mikhail Bakunin - reading guide

Works of the founder of Anarchism Mikhail Bakunin (1814-1876) or published collections of works of Bakunin.
(for biographies of Bakunin see here)

God and the State (1882)

Stateless Socialism: Anarchism (1953)
Marxism, Freedom, and the State (1950)
The Paris Commune and the Idea of the State (1871)
The Immorality of the State (1953)
Statism and Anarchy (1990), Cambridge University Press, ISBN 0521361826
Revolutionary Catechism (1866)
The Commune, the Church, and the State (1947)
Founding of the First International (1953)
On Rousseau (1972)


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A few more:

Federalism, Socialism, Anti-Theologism (1867)
Letters on Patriotism (1869)
Bakunin:On the Policy of the IWMA (1869)
Science and the Urgent Revolutionary Task (1870)
Letter to La Liberte (1872)