You can't blow up a social relationship - the anarchist case against terrorism

You can't blow up a social relationship - the anarchist case against terrorism

A clear explanation of why anarchists oppose terrorism, and why terrorism or propaganda by deed can be of no benefit to the working class, as capitalism is a social relationship, not a group of bad individuals.

This essay was was published as a pamphlet around late 1978 or 1979, in the aftermath of the Sydney Hilton Bombing. The black humour of the time around the anarchist movement was that the police and security forces framed Ananda Marga because they came before Anarchism in the alphabet.

The arguments in this pamphlet are still as valid today as when they were written 30 years ago. Reprinting or linking to this text is encouraged.

Anarres Books Collective. First published (1979?) In Australia by: Libertarian Socialist Organisation, P.O. Box 223, Broadway, Brisbane, Queensland; Libertarian Workers For A Self-Managed Society, P.O. Box 20, Parkville, Melbourne, Victoria, 3052; Monash Anarchist Society; C/- Monash University Union, Wellington Rd, Clayton, Victoria 3168; Adelaide Libertarian Socialists, P.O. Box 67.

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Dec 24 2006 17:31

Just a historical note. This pamphlet was republished by the Anarchist-Communist Federation of North America. The ACF/NA modified some of the language to fit the North American scene.

As I recall, this one was of our "most popular" pamphlets.

It has since been republished by others, including See Sharp Press (

Years have passed since it was written, but the essence of the critique is as valid today as yesterday.

Feb 13 2009 15:33

many excellent point in this pamphlet, a copy of which i got at the CSA meet last year.

May 13 2012 23:52

one could add further that if rational individuals followed the same methods of politicians for their relationships:
extortion, threats — even murder—

we would all be victims at some point, or felons...

May 14 2012 21:49


May 14 2012 17:12
KriegPhilosophy wrote:
This pamphlet portrays anarchism as humanism repacked, it's so shit. (...)I "politically" don't act on emotions but on my class position in society.

Would your class position mind expanding on these points so that they become comprehensible?

May 14 2012 21:09

Sorry I was fucked when I wrote that. How do you delete posts?

May 14 2012 21:13

i don't think you can, but you can edit posts, and replace them with anything.

Redwinged Blackbird
Sep 27 2012 15:36

fucking liberals.

Juan Conatz
Sep 27 2012 19:13

I haven't read this in 4-5 years, but what is liberal about it?