Fear the everyday state

Protesters against Mohammed Morsi in Tahrir square

On the fifth anniversary of the fall of Egypt's president Mubarak, this is an account of the uprising, and the ebb and flow of the Egyptian revolution, from an anonymous activist in Cairo.

Autonomous social center Klinika attacked by Nazis

Klinika social centre

On 6th of February in Prague, the autonomous social center Klinika was attacked by Nazis after solidarity demonstration against Fortress Europe.

Anarchist organising in Northampton

Northampton (source:

A new anarchist group is being set up in Northampton at a launch meeting this coming Wednesday 10th February 2016

Police officer awarded $15 million after being savagely beaten by cops at his daughter's birthday party

NYC public school teachers show their support for the NYPD

A federal grand jury has ruled in favor of a black NYPD officer who was savagely beaten by police officers while he was at home celebrating his daughter's birthday in 2010.

Wild class struggles in Paris ...

Wild protests in Paris and ...

More than 5.6 million French people went on strike on Tuesday. The strike targeted its sting against proposals that could lead to lower wages and worsen career opportunities.

Indefinite teachers strike in Slovakia has started

Teachers in Slovakia have begun an indefinite strike today. They demand higher wages, more money to be invested into education and changes in the system of teachers’ further education. The strike is organized by the Initiative of Slovak Teacher (ISU; which is an independent network of teachers regardless of union affiliation.

Opposing the far-right in Dover

On Saturday 30 January, fascists and assorted racists from a range of far-right groups will descend on the port town of Dover. Their aim is to incite racial hatred, primarily against Muslims, exploiting the so-called ‘migrant crisis’ to call for cast-iron border controls and white unity.

Protesters in Chicago take action to reclaim MLK weekend

Protesters shuting down Chicago Fraternal Order of Police Credit Union

Protesters in Chicago are marking Martin Luther King Jr weekend with actions targeting the city's mayor and racist police force.

Slandering of the workers' movement will not be permitted

December 3, 2015, over 20 Guangzhou and Foshan labor activists were apprehended by police, launching a crackdown that has as of the latest updates put 4 activists under arrest and closed down several prominent labor organizations in the Pearl River Delta. This piece by labor activist 工弩 is one of the first critiques the limits of the labor movement response thus far to the crackdown and demands a more thoughtful, organized response by worker activists, beginning with the voicing of a clear labor movement position in the current fight.

4 of the Guangdong labor activists formally charged, 2 released - day 37

Today (Jan 8 2016) is the 37th day of the criminal detention of Guangzhou-Foshan labor activists Zeng Feiyang, Zhu Xiaomei, He Xiaobo, Deng Xiaoming, Meng Han and Peng Jiayong. According to law, this is the maximum permissible length of criminal detention. Tang Jian, who was not criminally detained, has also been out of contact for 37 days.