Construction rank and file beat the bosses: No to ESO de-skilling dispute ends in a win!

After an extended campaign of direct action led by rank and file electricians, construction firms Balfour Beatty and NG Bailey have agreed to workers' demands and abandoned the controversial Electrical Support Operative grade.

Solidarity With Nurses

Strike support for Nurses in Aotearoa.

"Open up! Police!": Street artist arrested for "justifying terrorism"

Maksim Smolnikov, a street artist known as Hadad, from Khabarovsk has been remanded for two months due to his 2018 VKontakte post about the explosion at an FSB office in the Arkhangelsk region. Smolnikov is accused of "justifying terrorism." During these two years, the security officials had no complaints against him.

A Testimony

Nodeep Kaur with megaphone

Video about workers protesting for getting their outstanding wages, in Haryana, in December 2020. They are supported by an activist from the farmers' movement.

Queerphobia is a Class Issue

An interview by AWSM with Jordyn on barriers to trans healthcare access.

No nuclear Grenfell: Construction rank and file blockade Atomic Weapons Establishment in de-skilling dispute

On Wednesday May 26th, rank and file electricians shut down work at the Atomic Weapons Establishment Burghfield site as the latest escalation in the ongoing #No2ESO dispute over construction companies attempting to de-skill their trade.

Festival Feast After Plague (formerly Father Frost against Putin) is postponed to the next January

Festival Feast After Plague (formerly Father Frost against Putin) is postponed to the next January, due to too slow opening of the external EU borders.

“Instead, We Became Millions”: Inside Colombia’s Ongoing General Strike

Despite brutal state repression, Colombia’s general strike has continued strong now for 23 days. This article and interview was first published by Crimethinc. Content warning for discussion of state violence including sexual abuse.

AWSM Statement: Solidarity with the people of Palestine

A message of solidarity with the people of Palestine.