Moscow Anarchist Black Cross Repressions Review, April-June 2014

We continue our regular summaries on repressions of anarchists, antifascists, and social activists in Russia, on obstacles which police state creates for our activity.

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In April-May issue: arrests of "terrorists" in Crimea, new detentions regarding "Bolotnoya Case", letters from political prisoners, police attack of a gig, and other.

10 July pay strike in Kirklees

A report of the industrial action by public sector workers in Huddersfield and the surrounding area.

Repressions against Crimean activists: political context

Supporting campaign for Crimean antifascist Alexander Kolchenko

Crimea peninsula in the Black Sea was a part of RSFSR(Russian Soviet
Federative Socialist Republic) and then since 1954 a part of Ukrainian
Soviet Socialist Republic, which were both members of USSR. After USSR
collapse in 1991 the new independent state Ukraine received the
territory of Crimean peninsula. Though, under the treaty between Ukraine
and Russia there were considerable contingent of Russian navy on the

Statement of the Kharkiv Autonomous Workers Union members about creation of social and cultural center

We are the workers of Ukraine and active members of the most massive and radical protests of the last decades continuing development of avtonomous class movement.
The antigovernmental uprising that begun last autumn outgrown into destructible massacre for the working class. Naturally, upper classes of Russia and Ukraine easilly imposed values of patriotism and interethnic hatred to the working masses.

Support Crimean anarchist Aleksandr Kolchenko, detained on terror charges!

Aleksandr Kolchenko was detained in Crimea on the 17th of May 2014 on
suspicion of participation in a "terrorist group," preparation of a
terrorist attack, and arson.

Anti-fascists mobilise against Polish neo-Nazis

Anti-fascists in Markfield Park

Anti-fascists from across London are mobilising to oppose the Polish neo-Nazis responsible for attacking a music event in Tottenham and stabbing an attendee over the weekend.

About the declaration of AWU "On the confrontation in Ukraine"

The KRAS, section of the International Workers Association in Russian region, appreciates the statement of Ukrainian "Autonomous Workers' Union" (AWU/AST) "On the confrontation in Ukraine" as a step in the right direction. Condemning both sides of the civil war, it differs in this point favorably from the previous position of AWU/AST representatives who refused in March to sign the statement of KRAS, internationalists of Ukraine, Russia and other countries (

War against war! - Statement of leftists and anarchists on the confrontation in Ukraine

In the ongoing conflict, we support neither Ukrainian government nor
pro-Russian factions that established their authority on the portion of
Luhansk and Donetsk oblasts. The working class (i.e. everyone who has
neither power nor capital) is equally alien both to the concept of ​​
unitary Ukraine and to the ideas of ​​”federalization” or creation of
new states — these are merely the games of politicians, drawing blood
from ordinary people.

United Campaign Workers demand promised payment from the Campaign for the Restoration and Regulation of Hemp

Hemp legalization canvassers walk off the job last week and form the Campaign Workers United, affiliated with the Portland Industrial Workers of the World.