Greek police madness: boys with easter firecrackers arrested as Nuclei of Fire guerrillas

Police madness in Athens is taken proportions unseen since the collapse of the junta: this afternoon three boys and the mother of one of them were arrested as members of the Nuclei of fire Conspiracy for having unused easter firecrackers in their homes.

The incident took place in Athens on Wednesday afternoon and was initially believed to be a common anti-hooligan detention case. But the paranoia of the greek police has reached such hights that it would make even the colonels' junta pale in shame.

According to the official police announcement, anti-terrorist police agents intercepted a call of one of the boys to his mother to hide some "gourounes", i.e. firecrackers massively used by teens and children during greek easter whose festivities ended last week. The police arrested the boy his 52 year old mother and two more boys claiming that the powder in the fire-crackers is similar to the one used in a series kettle-bomb attacks performed by the Nuclei of Fire Conspiracy last fall. The argument runs counter to any trace of common sense which says that if that comprises evidence then hundreds of thousands of teens using similar festive devices should be arrested as urban guerrillas.

The latest arrests indicate that the situation in greece is critical. The state seems to be unfolding an operation of mass repression with no concern even for the most basic bourgeois judiciary procedures. It is indicative that the first three of the 6 arrested of last Saturday have been put in remand although not one single piece of not controversial evidence was presented to the court by the anti-terrorist authorities, despite these evidence being openly doubted even in the mainstream media.

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Apr 14 2010 16:32


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Apr 14 2010 22:30

The maddnes of the police tell us that the people of Greece is winning against the rich and fascist elite
Disarming the police as the opposition did in Kyrgyzstan. They change the politics
Success for the resistence and people of Greece!

Apr 15 2010 04:21

inquisition without bonfires neutral

Apr 15 2010 15:45

Update: The district attorney has judged that the evidence against the four arrested do not suffice in order to persecute them under the anti-terrorist law related to the NFC case. At the same time one of the three men arrested in September during the first police anti-NFC campaign has been released from remand, with restrictive measures imposed instead

toni eriz
Apr 17 2010 07:11

Hello taxikipali!

Thank you for your reports about social activity in Greece. They are short enough, very informative and written very good. Most of translations of your reports into russian may be find here.

Could you please write in a few words, what is going on in Greece right now. There was really strong movement, including several general strikes and many clashes with riot police, around month ago. But we haven`t heard any news since then. How do state of affairs in labour and libertarian movements look at the moment? What do government says about austerity measures in economics? Do they still want to apply this measures? It seems that government has began wide repressions against social activists. What do you think will be the result of this repressions? You have written before, that government is afraid to begin repressions because it understands, that in the existing situation it will lead to the escalation of conflict.

Apr 17 2010 19:39

Thanks toni, as I mentioned in another comment box, the strikes have resumed and now a 24h strike for the public sector has been called for Thursday. At the same time PAME, the Communist Party labour umbrella has called for a 48h strike for Wednesday and Thursday. Unfortunately the media is bombarding us with anti-terror stories taking people's minds away from the biggest anti-labour offensive in the last 35 years. As regards the issue of repression, I dont believe this kind of repression will lead to major popular reaction. Actually it might as well distance people from anarchism as a whole, a very clever tactic indeed. Of course a solution would be for anarchist groups to go public condemning the armed struggle, something that I would certainly support myself. But the credo of solidarity to anything opposed to the state is unfortunately truly dogmatic around these places...Just me saying these lines would in fact be heretic to the point of excommunication of the anarchist churches of greece.