More shoe factory strikes in Vietnam

Two more shoe factories in Vietnam were on strike this month, as 4,000 workers walked out in Ho Chi Minh City while 3,000 struck at a Taiwanese owned factory in southern Long An province.

Rising food and consumer goods prices have led to a wave of strikes across Vietnam. The strike at Long An follows a strike and lockout of 17,000 workers in the same province last month. In November over 10,000 workers at a Nike factory struck in Ho Chi Minh city. Workers at Hanoi won a 38% wage increase, while those in Long An were still on strike for 10% at time of writing.


Apr 25 2008 14:40

good for them

Apr 29 2008 00:19

Hmm, I heard people in Vietnam didn't ever try to change the government and such because they believe they're powerless. Glad to hear I'm wrong.

Nov 21 2009 01:47

Vietnam depends a lot on these factories from foreign companies such as Nike. Of course Nike goes to Vietnam because of the low wages to make running shoes, and Vietnam has become an important source of cheap labor. So yes they do strike at times and this is normal; on the other hand they are also happy with the opportunities given to them by foreign companies such as sports ware companies and others. sports betting