Right to strike under threat in Italy

Right to strike under threat in Italy

The Italian government is in the process of examining a new bill which will restrict the right to call a strike. The bill might become soon a law.

The bill will introduce a so-called “virtual strike” (you call the strike but you go to work) for the categories of workers considered “essential” and the possibility to call a strike for the workers within the public transport only for those unions which have 50 per cent of representation of the sector. These are only two examples of the novelties this bill will lead to.

The government justifies this bill claiming that this is a necessary step in order to balance the right to call a strike with that of circulation and mobility.

Epifani, leader of the union CGIL, warns: “the government should pay attention, the strike is a fundamental freedom”.

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Feb 26 2009 17:39


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Feb 27 2009 23:05

The cabinet apparently passed it. Here's news in English: