8.4 Literature and Links

Submitted by Steven. on January 24, 2010

Some references to literature and links that might be interesting in this context:

(English, German... a few pieces also in Italian)

Situation in call centres, struggles...
Support initiative from Berlin (see part 6)

Left union-site, but good information

'Scientific' unionist initiative with reports from call centres

Some websites of Italian base-unions in call centres:

Call centre research
(English) Research project in one of the call centre metropoles (Leeds, England). Many texts on the functioning of call centres and lists of other literature.

(German) Research project in one of the call centre-metropoles (Duisburg, Germany). Unionist tendency. Many references to other literature.

Among other things with the brochure 'The Subversion of Everyday Life' and a piece on 'class composition' (everything in German and English and partly in other languages).

Inquiry and intervention
Quaderni Rossi
For instance on [www.wildcat-www.de/thekla/thekla.htm]:
Romano Alquati: Organische Zusammensetzung des Kapitals und Arbeitskraft bei Olivetti, Quaderni Rossi 1962/63 (German) and Raniero Panzieri: Ueber die kapitalistische Anwendung der Maschinerie im Spaetkapitalismus, Quaderni Rossi 1961 (German).

Socialisme ou Barbarie
You can get an overview from the articles of Marcel van der Linden on
[www.geocities.com/CapitolHill/Lobby/2379/s_ou_b.htm] (English)
and Andrea Gabler on
[www.wildcat-www.de/material/ar16gabl.pdf] (German)

Wildcat/Germany: [www.wildcat-www.de]

Welt in Umwaelzung/Germany: [www.umwaelzung.de]

Freie ArbeiterInnen Union/Germany: [www.fau.org]

Collective Action Notes/USA: [www.geocities.com/CapitolHill/Lobby/2379]

Crac/Italy: [www.autprol.org]

Komunist kranti/India: [www.anti-capital.net/kk]

Echanges et Mouvement/France: [www.geocities.com/echangesetmouvement]

Cercle social/France: [www.geocities.com/demainlemonde]

People, this is a mere arbitrary selection. You can find links on these websites which lead you into the virtual world of the revolutionary class struggle and that of other interesting comrades. Of course, you might also check out: [www.prol-position.net]. Enjoy surfin'!

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