Anarchist Black Dragon: Volume 1, Issue 10, Spring 1982

Issue 10 of Anarchist Black Dragon. This was the first issue published after the murder of Carl Harp. It features extensive tributes to Harp, including from Mark Cook of the George Jackson Brigade, updates on prison struggles and repression against Native Americans including Leonard Peltier, a defence by John Bosch of his "Dungeons & Dragons" article criticising Black nationalism from issue 8, international prisoner news from the USSR, Spain and Canada, and more.

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Submitted by R Totale on December 21, 2020

Something really quite chilling about how this one has an editorial from Carl Harp, that must have been written immediately before his murder, celebrating that "we... are into our tenth issue looking forward to issue eleven with no loss of life... Without all of you many of us would be dead right now."