Anarchist Worker #36 (October 1977)

Issue #36 of Anarchist Worker, with articles on wage struggles to keep up with inflation, left unity proposals from Big Flame and the Inernational Marxist Group, the formation of a London squatters' union, the death of Elvis Presley, the Anarchist Workers Association becoming the Libertarian Communist Group, anti-racist struggles and major clashes with the National Front at Lewisham and Birmingham, the revival of the CNT in Spain and the English translation of Jose Peirats' history of Spanish anarchism, a review of Phil Mailer's pamphet on the Portguese revolution, the strike at Grunwick, the development of Thatcherism in the tory party, and more.

Submitted by R Totale on April 2, 2020


AW36.pdf (21.21 MB)