Anarchy #024: The Community Of Scholars

Issue of Anarchy from February 1963

Submitted by Reddebrek on July 16, 2016
  • Goodman's 'Community of Scholars' /The community of scholars: an English view (Tom Jones)
  • Stolen fruits of a classical education (Simon Raven)
  • Primitive societies and social myths (Kenneth Maddock)
  • Schizophrenia: a social disease (John Linsie)

ANARCHY 24 (VOL 3 No 2) FEBRUARY 1963.

Without wishing to appear melodramatic I suggest that, on the one hand, the next few decades may witness the decay and death of the idea of the university as a corporation of scholars united by a love of learning, and the consequent transformation of the university into an institution of higher education technically different, perhaps, from other such institutions, but spiritually in no way different: an institution, in fact, designed, staffed, and equipped to produce certain particular types of professionally trained specialists, and to do research of particular kinds in certain specified fields of knowledge. At the other extreme, these decades may equally well see the traditional idea of the university as a community of scholars once again vindicated.
—H.C.DENT: "Universities in Transition."

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