Anti-fascists mobilise against Polish neo-Nazis

Anti-fascists in Markfield Park
Anti-fascists in Markfield Park

Anti-fascists from across London are mobilising to oppose the Polish neo-Nazis responsible for attacking a music event in Tottenham and stabbing an attendee over the weekend.

Submitted by Anonymous on June 24, 2014

Last night around 200 people attended a protest against the attack in Tottenham Green which was supported by many militant anti-fascists and locals.

On Saturday night a mob of Polish neo-Nazis, who regularly hang out in Tottenham's Markfield Park, attacked an event called Music Day being held in the park.

There are also reports of members of the Zjednoczeni Emigranci group, associated with football hooliganism and the extreme right in their native Poland, attacking an Orthodox Jewish man in the area.

In an effort to oppose the Polish fascists around half of those attending the protest on Monday marched through the Tottenham, shouting slogans, ripping down neo-Nazi stickers and putting up their own.

The march ended in Markfield Park were the attack and stabbing happened.

Another demonstration has been called for 3pm at Markfield Park on Saturday 28th June.

The event is being supported by the Anti-Fascist Network affiliated London Anti-fascists, London based Polish anti-fascist crew Dywizjon 161 and London Black Revs.



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Submitted by vonspar63 on June 26, 2014

I´m sorry for idiots from my country (((
Good luck Dywizjon 161 and London Black Revs!!!


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Submitted by akai on June 26, 2014

Solidarity with that action from Poland! A couple of comrades from ZSP will also be at that march!


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Submitted by Ed on June 29, 2014

Anti-fascist turnout yesterday about 150-200.. fascist spotters seen but fash as a whole were a no show.. I'm sure a better report with more details will be written soon though..

Some pictures from the day..