Walthamstow: The return! Or not

EDL: Berks Indeed!

The English Defence League (EDL) have vowed to return to East 17. Oh dear!

Submitted by 'malatesta' on September 10, 2012

Crivvens! Jings! And Help Ma Boab! Never have the English Defence League been so humiliated than the other week at Walthamstow where over 3,000 people turned up to oppose them and watch them surrender on a grand scale. Not only was their march rerouted but their rally was cancelled and they were all mass arrested by plod and had to do poo’s and wee’s in the street in front of their comely chumleys! Needless to say they have interpreted this as a massive victory, so much so that they have sworn ‘revenge’ for it! And there was us thinking you celebrated a victory rather than call for revenge. Crivvens!

Mr Tommy has been furious all week as everyone saw him run away from the demo and also saw the footage of Karaoke Kev Karrol arguing with a femi-plod whilst an antsy Mr Tommy kept interrupting - which led Kev to say ‘Tommy turn it in will ya? You’re not helping, you massive cock-bugle!’ Or something. Tommy then did a speech to his supporters who were about 500 yards away without realising that plod had turned the PA off. He then bizarrely accused the counter-demonstrators of ‘never having served in a uniform.’ The only uniform Mr Tommy has worn is when he ‘served’ a weeks’ remand in prison so no-one including him knew what he was blethering on about. Anyway, after that little tantrum the ‘leadership’ then bravely ran away to Luton leaving their 200 ‘supporters’ to a nice little kettle o’ plod for ten hours. The EDL were all very cross with Mr Tommy and Unkle Kev and the fallouts were publicly aired to great amusement! But not only was Mr Tommy all over the internet last week making a hames of it in London but he was fooled into going on a spoof TV programme which showed him up as a right shirt front! Here it is!


The boys’ ego knows few bounds and he was shown up to be the racist little Captain Mainwaring that he is! He was also subject to a not very supportive piece in the middle class jazz mag FHM which we can’t be bothered to read. Since the Walthamstow debacle Mr Tommy has been appealing to all the EDL who have left to come back as he has decided to forgive them and said ‘we need every man that’s game going into East London’ – which rather sounds a wee bit like incitement! Mr Tommy has been very magnanimous in defeat and has also been appealing to soccer team ‘firms’ to come and join them for a day out. However, many of the impotent Infidels factions hate Mr Tommy as he called them a rude name and the soccer club ‘firms’ are all too old and clueless and don’t know where London is.

In case you don’t know Mr Tommy and Unkle Kev are also in the fluffy fascist British Freedom Party who are all ex-BNP, like Mr Tommy. How the Fluffies feel about their deputy chair asking known football hooligans to come and cause trouble in East London is unclear. Unkle Kev is also standing for Police Commissioner in Bedford but the footage of him shouting at the femi-plod in Walthamstow and his vociferous criticism of the Met since that dastardly day on the internet is not going to stand him in good stead. The EDL have sworn not to liaise with plod for their ‘victory revenge’ trip which is not going to help Kev much in his quest for political power. Plod knows what the EDL are planning as they merely have to look at Facebook and if the EDL thought they were treated badly on a sanctioned demo just imagine what plod will be like if they turn up unannounced! Don’t forget your toilet rolls this time EDL!

Mr Tommy made another half hour epic video in which he wheedled and whined and which our brave friends at EDL News actually watched. Here is their take on it all!


Mr Tommy, please learn the following words – ‘succinct,’ ‘brief’ and ‘editing.’ The EDL also have the begging button on their website as they have told everyone they are skint. Mr Tommy was also peeved by one dishappy EDLer asking for his money back like he was returning a jumper at Christmas. Another EDLer claimed to have had 'the fight that never was' at playtime with Mr Tommy and both of them are claiming they won even though nothing actually happened. The EDL have also stopped public access to their increasingly moribund forum as nasty people kept putting rude things about Mr Tommy and the total failure of the Walthamstow ‘victory.’ The EDL are going to Walsall in a few weeks which will be a test of strength. If they can’t get folk down to the midlands then East London is going to be even more of a stretch. The EDL have always fared very badly round Birmingham way and have never been welcome there. Much like everywhere else.

EDL Eejits of the week award goes to the Scottish Defence League members who turned up on the 9th to protest about 9/11 at the American Embassy in Edinburgh and sadly got the date wrong. Oops.


Be Seeing You!