'A superb start'? I doubt it!

The EDL claim they are off to a 'superb start.' Antifascists, however, think rather differently.

Submitted by 'malatesta' on January 24, 2012

‘Crivvens! Jings! And Help Ma Boab! The English Defence League maybe getting short of members and credibility but they are certainly not short of self-delusion. Hilariously, one poster on the EDL’s rather moribund web forum claimed that ‘the year 2012 has started absolutely superb, and is going to be the year that people start to realise that the EDL are not going anywhere [sic!]’ and that the EDL are going to be around FOREVER! FACT! Quite. They are seriously delusional if they think that the following constitute ‘a superb start!’ So far this year the EDL have had the embarrassingly miniscule turnout and media blanked Barking amble, another humiliation at Whitechapel, the increasing rivalry between the Infidels and the Tommy Robinson Band – ‘2, 4, 6, 8 - racial hate!’ - a pathetic turnout of 8 at their Dewsbury cop shop demo, the cancellation of their Stoke shindig after anti-fascist pressure on the venue, several members going to prison, the fallout amongst their fellow organisation the Combined Ex-Farcicals and an absolutely pisspoor turnout last week for their protest in London in support of soldiers weeing on dead Muslims that made the Dewsbury demo look positively busy! As we all know the EDL are not the deftest ambassadors of the English language but to use the word ‘superb’ in relation to this utter shambles is taking it a wee bit far! Even for them!

And not only that! According to one of our friends on Urban75 the Leicester Casuals had threatened to turn up at the UAF meeting last week and boasted of a ‘50 strong firm’ who were intent on causing uproar and brouhaha. When they found out it was being held in a particularly strong Asian area they then bottled it and subsequently deleted all reference to it on Facebook. (Thanks Intersol32!). 10 silly wee radges also turned up for an EDL meeting in Bristol but found that, sadly, the boozer was full of antifascists. One of them timorously squeaked into his mobile that ‘there’s about 30 of them and they’re really big boys!’ then ran away. Anti-EDL leaflets were distributed round the pub and a good night was had by all. Well done Bristol Antifascists, in soccer parlance I believe that’s called ‘taking a diabolical liberty!’ Of course, the EDL saw it differently and say they held their meeting and this was all a lie by the UAF-commie-Muslamic-Photoshop-searchlight-lib/lab/con-conspiracy and the meeting was attended by EVERYBODY IN BRISTOL! FACT!

In dire need of an ego-boost or even the vaguest hope of positive coverage in the media, the EDL are looking forward to the forthcoming Dispatches programme about themselves. However, the EDL have a record of attacking journalists: at Tower Hamlets alone 1 journalist was squirted with lighter fluid and set on fire and another female journalist was groped. NUJ members have recorded cases of intimidation and threat of violence against members:
Please note that the author, presumably Jeffrey ‘Stabber’ Marsh, the convicted violent soccer tearaway who is busy trying to relive his youth, calls for a ‘fatwa’ against journalists and cannot ‘guarantee their safety.’ As journalists, we hope that the Dispatches team will be making a point of this in their programme. The ever-deluded EDL have been contemplating ‘buying’ a bigger server to cope with the ‘millions’ of recruits who will no doubt be in touch after watching them on the telly! Crivvens!

The next EDL demo is in Leicester on February 4th which is going to be interesting and show how much support they still have as the rival Infidels faction, headed by the unreconstructed Snowy ‘Crack Pipe’ Shaw (llama breeder, bottom feeder and ugly bleeder), are having one on the same day in Manchester! Why can’t they all get along eh, instead of giving Mr. Plod 2 major brain aches in 1 day. Needless to say Facebook pages are full of desperate entreaties to buy up empty coach seats for the rival demos with one charabanc calling at Preston, Wirral, Liverpool and ‘Lancashire’ so short are they of local members to fill it. Not only that but Plod have just announced an alcohol ban on the Leicester do which is not going to go down too well.

Some of the naughty wee Infidels in the North East have been threatening to attack the antifascist film festival in Leeds on the same day but it is safe to assume that it will be another job where they talk it up, can’t get the numbers and then all fallout over who bottled it or, as is usually the case, didn’t get up in time having spent the night with the EDL royal couple Stella and Charlie. A wee tip laddies, if you are going to attack somewhere, don’t announce it three months before on Facebook because if you don’t do it, you look like eejits! The Infidels are claiming that 2012 is going to be the Year of the Infidel. Well, we shall see about that on the 4th.

Some half-arsed and friendless Facebook page, the Walsall Youth Casual United, claim to be holding a ‘violent demo’ on March 3rd and taking back Walsall Centre. Given the track record of the EDL et al in the Midlands, we wish you the very best of luck with that one! More seriously is the conference being held in Denmark by various anti-Islamic groups and pro-Anders Breivik fan clubs. Given that most ‘Defence Leagues’ are tiny except the fragmenting English one, we are not expecting much and hope Danish antifa are good and ready. Mind you, the last couple of times Mr. Tommy has been ‘abroad’ he had his flag snatched by Amsterdam Antifa and did nowt about it before being humiliatingly chased away with his chums. In Zurich he was arrested on the pointless rooftop protest over poppies, fined and deported. Oh dear, signs full of dire portent Mr. Tommy! That’s assuming Mrs. Tommy will let you go as things have been more than rocky of late chez-Robinson which is why Mr. Tommy has been trying to ‘go political’ by joining the fluffy fascist British Freedom Party, a bunch of exBNP no-hopers, chicken chokers and pant strokers, in the hope that he can gradually back out of it all having fleeced the EDL membership and spent enough time on the nonce wing in various prisons to last a lifetime! See you the 4th Mr. Tommy!

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