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The far right make a hames of things. Again! A February 2012 update on the antics of the English Defence League and British National Party.

Submitted by 'malatesta' on February 11, 2012

Crivvens, Jings, and Help Ma Boab! Whit a mess! The Infidels and English Defence League demonstration against alleged child groomers in Liverpool backfired spectacularly this week and was characterised by all the ineptitude, stupidity and bitter rivalry that we know and love. The much diminished local EDL turned up but no-one wanted to talk to them and they were told to go and stand on the other side of the road by their ex-chumleys who now constitute the equally tiny Merseyside Infidels. Mr Tommy had asked if he would be safe if he came to sell some hoodies but was told that if he did he ‘would be going home in a box.’ Nice!

What is left of the Liverpool BNP had a wee outing too and even Nick Griffin returned from his political Euro-crypt to try and capitalise on other people’s misery but no-one was very interested. It was nice to see Uncle Nick making the effort and we are glad he has been working out – albeit at the 'All You Can Eat' buffet in Brussels. It seems he has lost none of his wit and charm and basically turned up for a photo-op, glad handed a few of the seedy looking BNPers and buggered off again although not before being snapped with a 'White Pride' flag!

However it was the Infidels who stole the day as one of their members, one Mickey SDL, attacked someone who he thought was a suspect and got himself arrested. Well done. Plod came in heavy and escorted the rest of them away and told them that if they turn up again they will be proper nicked! In an extremely rare moment of perspicacity, panicky posters on the websites sent out word to stay away from the court – which is a tacit admission that they fucked it up. Again. They turned up to demo, couldn’t control themselves, plod got bothered and they have squandered another PR coup by acting like twats. Following on from the EDL’s rubbish national demo last week in Leicester and the Infidels piss-poor turnout in the Rochdale snow, this is yet another PR triumph for the far right. Not really.

It was odd that anyone from the SDL had turned up in Liverpool given that the SDL gave the Infidels the heave-ho last week and Steven Jacobs told leader Snowy ‘Cracker’ Shaw to ‘fuck off'. read Matthew Collins account:
Scott Cowan of the SDL was at last weeks Rochdale failure in pig mask and he is none too popular up here. All of which further isolates the Infidels on the far right as do the suspicions that Snowy’s ‘frequent trips to Ulster’ in order to bang the drum are not necessarily to do with music.

There was a sizable counter-demo against the far-right of UAF and other local anti-fascists (not bussed in from elsewhere like the Infidels) who were then accused of ‘supporting pedos!’ In their feeble logic the Infidels think ‘I hate pedos, UAF hate me, ergo UAF support pedos’ and off they dance into the valley of the eejits. The EDL/Infidels see all those against them as ‘UAF’ and do not understand how many people from different walks of life despise them for trying to capitalise on other people’s misery in order to get on the front page of the Echo.

The EDL and Infidels factions are very civic minded when child abuse suspects happen to be Asian but are less enthusiastic when it comes to members of their own little grupuscules. In the EDL we have ‘Mickey Blue Eyes’ AKA Michael Coates who was jailed over sexual offences and Brett Moses who was accused of grooming a 13 year old Canadian girl and let us not forget Richard Price who was nicked for crack and cocaine possession and child porn. Despite being officially proscribed by the EDL 'leadership,' many members are still in contact with him
At last weeks Infidels fiasco some toothless charmer unfurled a British People’s Party banner. The BPP once had a certain Martin Gilliard as a member and he is currently doing big time over explosives and child porn charges. Oops!

The Infidels should also check out Liam Pinkham (known as Pino 88) who was booted out of the nutty grupuscule British Freedom Fighters (BFF) over an alleged relationship with an underage girl. This was corroborated by a poster called ‘Kim Whitenightshade’ on the Nazi VNNUKforum who confirmed that Pinkham had been having a ‘supervised and non-physical relationship’ with Whitenightshade’s 15 year old daughter but was ‘the perfect gent.’ Isn’t that ‘grooming’? So when it comes to ‘pedos’ and ‘grooming’ perhaps the fash should take a closer look in their own ranks.

Not content with exploiting child abuse cases, the BNP, EDL and Infidels are all keen to travel to Hyde in Manchester to demonstrate about the poor wee laddies who got attacked last week. And not to be outdone the Casual faction, led by ageing soccer hooligan Jeff ‘Stabber’ Marsh, has announced another Charlene Downes demo which will no doubt be as well attended as the Rochdale washout. Charlene’s brother was arrested last week for assaulting one of the previous suspects in the case so the Casuals are going to support him which will no doubt do wonders for his case.

11 members of the EDL were jailed this week after they attacked some Turkish workers inCarlisle. One of the EDL eejits had just come out of prison for burning a stolen Koran and is now back in again. He obviously prefers porridge to hummus and kebabs. This doesn’t set a good precedent for the Plymouth EDL goons who are up soon on similar charges after a drunken assault on a Kurdish joint. Michael Rafferty, the Ex-Combined Ex-forces own Captain Mainwaring, and Hayley ‘Trouble at the’ Mills are no doubt worried. The delectable Miss Hayley is currently expecting so it could be a case of going from ward to warden in a short space of time. Silly girl.

So, it’s onwards and downwards for the EDL and the Infidels as the BNP desperately try to revive their public image so that Griffclops can try to extend his Euro MP gig. Be Seeing you!

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