Court out! Racist groups try to use court cases for publicity

A look at far right groups Like the British National Party and English Defence League trying to piggyback onto court cases to get publicity, whether those involved want them to or not.

Submitted by 'malatesta' on February 18, 2012

A parasite is an unwelcome entity and it attaches itself to a host body in order to perpetuate itself often at the expense of the host. Which is exactly what the EDL, the BNP and other associated far-right losers have been doing this week. In case you don’t know the delightful Emma West was up at Croydon magistrates this week to plead not guilty to racially abusing passengers on a local tram. She has been hailed as a ‘nationalist hero’ by many on the far-right forums but how acting like a drunken, foul-mouthed, negligent parent is heroic is beyond us. The footage of her mouthing off has been seen by the entire population of England and her defence is that she had taken twice the amount of her usual medication that morning, i.e., 4 cans of Special Brew instead of the usual 2. Despite being asked by West’s family not to come the BNP and hapless Britain First, run by exBNP shyster ‘Diamond’ Jim Dowson, rallied the troops at the courthouse and managed to amass a whole 12 between them. Well done! They also had to tell folks not to wear party badges etc as they don’t want to ‘prejudice the case.’ Too late! Her trial will now be in June and it don’t look good.

Not ones to be outdone, or do very much efficiently, the English Defence League have been riding on the back of the Daniel Stringer case. Daniel and his mate were attacked in Hyde, Greater Manchester, and badly beaten allegedly by an Asian gang. The EDL have called a national protest on February 25th to ‘support’ Daniel’s family. Subsequently, the family have said they do not want anything to do with them but this hasn’t prevented the EDL from milking it for all they can. The EDL say they do not liaise with plod and ‘march where we want, when we want’ but in fact liaise with plod very much and do not march at all, anywhere, and usually end up being stuck in a carpark of the town they are ‘defending’ but they seem confident they will march in Hyde. The BNP are piggybacking the EDL and are going to Hyde as well. It comes as no surprise to antifascists that Nick Griffin is attempting to court potential EDL support.
This is not the only case that the far right grupuscules have attempted to hijack. On a very meagre scale the puny National Front attempted to hijack the case of Gavin Hopley in Oldham and managed to amass a whole 10 people but no one noticed. In Liverpool the useless Infidels staged a calamitous demo outside the courthouse the other week ‘protesting’ against ‘groomers’ and the Griffclops turned out for that 1 too. Of course it descended into chaos, the Infidels had a confrontation with the EDL faction, plod told them all to leave, 1 eejit got nicked, the defending barristers allegedly quit the case and plod have since warned the EDL officially stop interfering or face contempt charges. Oh dear!

The Merseyside Infidels are hooking up with the toothless gluebags of the British People’s Party and the even more obscure England First today to ‘sort the IRA out’ and plan on attacking a Liverpool Republican march and then they are off to confront the Occupy protest. This will inevitably end in tears as they have a habit of announcing their intentions on Facebook and Twitter so plod can have plenty of warning. Eejits.
The EDL get well vexed when referred to as drunken football hooligans but this week has shown them up as just that. In 2010, Mr Tommy and a small handful of chumleys went to Holland to ‘support’ right wing politician Geert Wilders who openly rejected their advances. They were then apparently attacked by Ajax fans and run out of town by anti-fascists who totally humiliated Mr Tommy by snatching his little flag off him. Read all abaht it here!

Well, Ajax are going to Manchester on the 23rd and the EDL has called for revenge. Crivvens! The EDL have fared pretty badly in Manchester in the past and local plod are fans of neither Mr Tommy nor the Infidels. So if any EDL actually turn up, and if plod aren’t all over them, and United fans don’t get at them or City fans don’t get at them then they should have a clear shot at the Ajax fans. Of course some of the more moderate EDL members were horrified at this blatant attempt to organize illegal football violence and the EDL Facebook admin quickly denied that they had anything to do with it or that it was in any way ‘official.’ In reality, if an admin allows something like this onto their Facebook page that makes it official. They quickly deleted it but our canny friends at EDL News managed to screenshot it! Oops!

It’s been a hard week for racists everywhere and in Plymouth one Ricky Moon was jailed for assault. Take a peek at the cheeky wee scrote here:

A racist road rage incident ended with a jailing as did the racist abuse of a plod in South Shields. It’s is interesting how these racists bravely backtrack and deny what they have said or done once they are up in court. All of which bodes ill for the delightful Ms Emma West as plod is getting very serious about these kind of incidents and courts don’t look too kindly on them either.