August 21 prison strike solidarity events

A listing of events that will be taking place in solidarity with the prison strike running from August 21st-September 9th. Reposted from It's Going Down.

Submitted by R Totale on August 18, 2018

Disclaimer: listing these events does not imply endorsement of any specific event organizers or their politics.

August 18th

Atlanta, GA: Kickoff Cookout

Kansas City, MO: Show & Cookout

August 19th

Richmond, VA: Solidarity Rally & Kick Out the Confederates

Milwaukee, WI: Prisoner Letter Writing

New Haven, CT: Prisoner Letter Writing

San Francisco, CA: Film Showing

Milwaukee, WI: Black and pink letter writing.

August 20th:

Black Mountain, NC: Film Showing

August 21st

Atlanta, GA: Rally In Solidarity

Boston, MA: Vigil

Chicago, IL: Noise Demo

Corona, CA: Noise Demo

Leipzig, Germany: Rally

Los Angeles, CA: Noise Demo

Minneapolis, MN: Noise Demo

Brooklyn, NY: Noise Demo

Columbus, Ohio: Letter Writing and Film Showing

Philadelphia, PA: Noise Demo

San Jose, CA: Awareness March

Seattle, WA: Kickoff Rally

Asheville, NC: Strike Support Meetup

Fort Lauderdale, FL: Noise Demo

Portland, OR: Solidarity With Prison Strike

Omaha, NB: Letter Writing

Des Moines, IW: Noise Demonstration

August 22nd

Milwaukee, WI: Prison Strike Solidarity

Durham, NC: Prison Strike Discussion

August 23rd

Chapel Hill, NC: Slavery Never Ended

Lansing, MI: Solidarity March

Boston, MA: Prison Strike Solidarity Rally

August 25th

Bay Area, CA: Mobilization at San Quentin

Bishopville, SC: Rally at Lee Correctional

Michigan City, IN: Protest Indiana State Prison

Tallahassee, FL: Solidarity Event

August 26th

Oakland, CA: Film Screening & Panel Discussion

Milwaukee, WI: Performance Art with Discussion

August 28th

Baltimore, MD: Teach-In, Letter Writing, Fundraiser

August 31st

Omaha, NB: Letter Writing

September 1st

Pittsburgh, PA: Letter Writing

September 7th

Seattle, WA: Protest Poetry & Open Mic

September 8th

Columbia, SC: Prison Reform Rally

September 9th

Seattle, WA: Letter Writing Night