Authority and delinquency - Alex Comfort

Classic 1950 essay on the criminology of government by Dr Alex Comfort, republished in 1988 with a new preface. Originally written in the wake of WWII, the book was concerned with illustrating that deviant behaviour - unacceptable in the public at large - had become the norm in the political and military arena.

Submitted by Steven. on February 25, 2015


Paranoia, delusion, a sense of grievance, psychosis: these have become the hallmarks of government, and in a very real sense, argues Comfort. In moving beyond the platitude that power corrupts, Authority and Delinquency provides a convincing study of the social pathology of modern government. Comfort's defence of an anarchism which is scholarly and reasoned rather than agitation or remains emphatically a tract for our times and an important contribution to social energy.