Beyond Measure: C.L.R. James Influence on the League of Revolutionary Black Workers - Kimathi Mohammed

Organization and Spontaneity Cover

Kimathi Mohammed gives a firsthand account of C.L.R. James' influence on the League.
Beyond Measure was originally written in 1973 for the first Organization and Spontaneity conference. Two years prior, the League of Revolutionary Black Workers expelled members, including Mohammed, and quickly collapsed within a few weeks of attempting to become a vanguard organization.

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This essay was updated and made available publicly for the first time in 2013 after correspondence with Martin Glaberman, William Gorman, Modibo Kadalie, Sandra Bright and Cynthia Hamilton.

It was published in an updated edition of Kimathi Mohammed's Organization & Spontaneity. We highly recommend you support On Our Own Authority! Publishing and pick up a copy here. (As of this writing it's sold out but find copies at distros like AK Press).

Kimathi Mohammed also worked with C.L.R. James in the early 1970s to compile and reproduce key Johnson-Forest Tendency texts. More on that here.