Bhagat Singh's reading list

Bhagat Singh's letter to Jaidev Gupta requesting some books to read in jail.

Submitted by Mike Harman on April 24, 2018

Lahore Central Jail


Please take following books in my name from Dwarkadas Library and send them through Kulvir on Sunday:

Militarism (Karl Liebknecht)

Why Men Fight (B. Russel)

Soviets at Work

Collapse of the Second International

Left-Wing Communism

Mutual Aid (Prince Kropotkin)

Fields, Factories and Workshops

Civil War in France (Marx)

Land Revolution in Russia

Spy (Upton Sinclair)

Please send one more book from Punjab Public Library: Historical Materialism (Bukharin). Also, please find out from the librarian if some books have been sent to Borstal Jail. They are facing a terrible famine of books. They had sent a list of books through Sukhdev's brother Jaidev. They have not received any book till now. In case they have no list, then please ask Lala Firoz Chand to send some interesting books of his choice. The books must reach them before I go there on this Sunday. This work is a must. Please keep this in mind.

Also send Punjab Peasants in Prosperity and Debt by Darling and 2 or 3 books of this type for Dr. Alam. Hope you will excuse me for this trouble. I promise I will not trouble you in future. Please remember me to all my friends and convey my respect to Lajjawati. I am sure if Dutt's sister came she will not forget to see me.

With regards
Bhagat Singh

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