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Karl Kautsky
Karl Kautsky

Book length or pamphlet length (10,000 words+) or otherwise notable biographies of the life of and works about Karl Kautsky (1854-1938) with considerable reference to his politics in chronological order. Kautsky was the leading figure of Orthodox Marxism. No works by Kautsky except autobiographical or in edited collections or extracts. For works by Kautsky see

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Autobiography (1902)
by Karl Kautsky

The Proletarian Revolution And Renegade Kautsky (1918)
by V.I Lenin

Terrorism and Communism: A Reply to Karl Kautsky (Revolutions) (1920)
by Leon Trotsky

The Political Thought of Karl Kautsky (1951)
John Kautsky

Karl Kautsky, 1854-1938: Marxism in the Classical Years (1978)
by Gary Steenson

Selected Political Writings (1983)
by Karl Kautsky

Lenin's Proletarian Revolution and the Renegade Kautsky (1986)
V. M. Gavrilov

On the Formation of Marxism: Karl Kautsky's Theory of Capitalism, the Marxism of... (1986)
by Jukka Gronow

Karl Kautsky (Lives of the Left) (1987)
by Dick Geary

Karl Kautsky and the Social Science of Classical Marxism (International Studies... (1989)
by John H. Kautsky

Karl Kautsky and the Socialist Revolution 1880-1938 (Verso Modern Classics) (1990)
by Massimo Salvadori

Marxism and Revolution. Karl Kautsky and the Russian Marxists 1900-1924 (1993)
by Moira Donald

Marxist Intellectuals and the Working Class Mentality in Germany, 1887-1912 (1993)
by Stanley Pierson

Karl Kautsky: Marxism, Revolution and Democracy (1994)
by John H. Kautsky

Karl Kautsky on Democracy and Republicanism (2019)
by Ben Lewis


Do imperialismo ao ultra-imperialismo: 100 anos de Karl Kautsky: O Brasil e a sociedade...(2016)
by Giovanni Barillari de Freitas


L'anti-kautsky (1973) (translation of Die materialistische Geschichtsauffassung. Eine Auseinandersetzung mit Karl Kautsky - Leipzig, 1929)


Karl Kautsky; Skizze Zur Geschichte Der Geistigen Und Politischen Entwicklung Der... (1929)
by Karl (1870-1950) Renner

Kautsky: Marxistische Vergangenheit der SPD? (1976)
by Projekt Klassenanalyse

Die Imperialismusdebatte Zwischen Vladimir I., Lenin Und Karl Kautsky: Eine Vergleichende... (1978)
by Rainer Kraus

Kautskys russisches Dossier: Deutsche Sozialdemokraten als Treuhänder des russischen... (1981)
by Dietrich Geyer

Karl Kautsky. Seine Auffassungen Zur Politischen Demokratie: Eine Ideengeschichtliche... (1993)
by Beate Haupel

Meine Zeit wird wieder kommen-: Das Leben des Karl Kautsky (1993)
by Harald Koth

Eduard Bernsteins Briefwechsel mit Karl Kautsky 1895-1905 (2003)
by Till Schelz-Brandenburg

Vergleich zwischen Emil Felden und Karl Kautsky (German Edition) (2013)
by Markus Ruschke