Biographies of and works about Rosa Luxemburg - reading guide

Rosa Luxemburg speaks with banner of F. Lassalle
Rosa Luxemburg speaks with banner of F. Lassalle

Book length or pamphlet length (10,000 words+) or otherwise notable biographies of the life of and works about Rosa Luxemburg (1871-1919) with considerable reference to her politics in chronological order. No works by Luxemburg except in edited collections or extracts.

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Rosa Luxemburg (1919) Clara Zetkin


Hands off Rosa Luxemburg (1932) Leon Trotsky

(Bolshevik - Trotskyist)

Rosa Luxemburg: Her Life and Work (1940) Paul Frolich


Rosa Luxemburg (London, 1959)
Tony Cliff

(Trotskyist - SWP Britain)

Rosa Luxemburg: The Biography (1962/1966/1969/2019) John Peter Nettl
The leading biography.

Rosa Luxemburg; A Reappraisal (London, 1975) Lelio Basso, D. Parmee (trans.)


Rosa Luxemburg: A Life (1987) Elzbieta Ettinger

Rosa Luxemburg: A Revolutionary for Our Times (1981/1987) Stephen Eric Bronner

Rosa Luxemburg: A Life for the International (Berg Women's) (1989) Richard Abraham

Rosa Luxemburg, Women’s Liberation and Marx’s Philosophy of Revolution (Illinois, USA, 1991) Raya Dunayevskaya


Rosa Luxemburg and the Noble Dream (New York: Peter Lang, 1996) Donald Shephardson


Rosa Luxemburg (2000)
Mathilde Jacob

(Leninist - German Communist Party)
This translation is by Hans Fernbach, who knew Mathilde Jacob as a family friend in Berlin; it is introduced by David Fernbach

A Rebel’s Guide to Rosa Luxemburg (Bookmarks, 2007) Judy Cox
(Trotskyist - SWP Britain later Counterfire)

Rosa Luxemburg (2008) Harry Harmer

Rosa Luxemburg, or: The Price of Freedom (2008) Jörn Schütrumpf
This book originally appeared in German in 2006 and was re-published in 2018 in a third, revised edition. The English translation by Natascha Mueller-Hirth was published in 2008. Physical copies are available for purchase from the Karl Dietz Verlag.

A Rebel’s Guide to Rosa Luxemburg (Bookmarks, 2011) Sally Campbell
(Trotskyist - SWP Britain)

The Legacy of Rosa Luxemburg (2015) Norman Geras
(Academic - Trotskyist - IMG turned Eustonite)

Red Rosa: A Graphic Biography (2015) Kate Evans and Paul Buhle

The complete works of Rosa Luxemburg, volume 1: economic writings 1 (2014) Peter Hudis

Rosa Luxemburg: Capitalism, Imperialism and the Post colonial (2018) New formations 94: Autumn 2018

Rosa Luxemburg and the Struggle for Democratic Renewal (2018) Jon Nixon
(Academic / author)

Rosa Luxemburg (Critical Lives) (2020) Dana Mills

Rosa Luxemburg: Living and Thinking the Revolution (2021) Frank Jacob

Rosa Luxemburg: A Revolutionary Marxist at the Limits of Marxism (Marx, Engels, and Marxisms) (2021) Michael Brie and Jörn Schütrumpf


Rosa Luxemburg: Eine Biography (1996) Annelies Laschitza

Rosa Luxemburg (1986 film) Margarethe Von Trotta




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