Black Star: an anarchist review #1.01

First issue of Black Star: an anarchist review, published in 1975 by the U.S. based Social Revolutionary Anarchist Federation.

Submitted by Juan Conatz on June 30, 2014


-News: here and there
-Some thoughts on anarchist culture by Glenn Meredith
-Wooden Horse (reprint from Black Flag, March 1975)
-How we saved Arboretum from the multiversity
-Why I espouse such reformist undertakings by Louise Crowley
-Rape a crime? by Jim Bumpas (Trigger warning for mention of sexual violence.)
-The June Second, Baader-Meinhoff and Holger Meins Commandoes: an account
-A lifetime in institutions by Sandy Ruben
-Government, state & society by Mike Hargis
-A position on Armageddon
-Hard times in East Europe by Jeff
-Declaration of the Social Revolutionary Anarchist Federation