Bolivia: roads blocked by strikers and protesters

A column of Huanani miners armed with dynamite from 2003

Thousands of striking miners from the Huanani mine have been forming road blocks since Tuesday to protest against government inaction.

Submitted by jef costello on July 7, 2007

President Evo Morales was forced to cancel a trip to Brazil due to this and several other protests.

The miners, from South America's largest tin mine are demanding that the decree nationalising the plant be turned into law. They are also demanding more investment and better security at the mine. The miners have so far refused to negotiate, first striking to support their claims then beginning the blockades.

Workers are reporting that the mine is at a standstill although a spokesman for the mine claim that production is continuing.

In the west of the country members of the Guanrani tribe are blocking the motorway linking Tarija and Santa Cruz demanding that the constituent assembly adds to Indigenous autonomy to its new charter. Tribe members seized oil pipelines last year after mining companies failed to pay dues.

Peasants recently given land in the El Chore region blocked the motorway linking Santa Cruz and Cochabamba, demanding that central government give them the deeds to the land.