The book of pleasures - Raoul Vaneigem

All pleasure is creative if it avoids exchange.

Submitted by dendrite303 on January 1, 2020

All pleasure is creative if it avoids exchange. Loving what pleases me, I have to build a space in life as little exposed as possible to pollution by business, or I will not find the strength to bring the old world down, and the fungus among us will rot my dreams. While the state is in disarray, strike hard at business and its friends.

Doing exactly what you feel like is pleasures greatest weapon, connecting individual acts with collective practices; we all do it. If rejecting survival made the 1968 movement, taking hold of life will open the era of universal self-management.


Starting from Scratch
1. Intense Pleasure Implies the End of All Forms of Work and of All Restraint
2. Intense Pleasure Means the End of Exchange in All Its Forms
3. Intense Pleasure Causes Both Intellect and the State to Cease Functioning
4. Intense Pleasure Means an End to Guilt and to Every Kind of Repressive Society
5. Universal Self-Management Means the Free Rebirth of the Child Repressed in Each of Us
6. Universal Self-Management Will See the End of Inverted Pleasure
7. If You Want a Classless Society Free Yourself