Bratach Dubh: Collected Articles, Volume 2

Submitted by dendrite303 on August 15, 2017

It is not the technical instrument we use which qualifies an action as violent or not, but rather its perspective in the confrontation with the class enemy. To employ armed struggle means essentially to be ready to respond to State violence and exploitation blow for blow at every level. It means passing from the purely defensive phase to one of attack in order to strike the enemy's centres of organisation and repression. At the same time it must be capable of indicating to all the exploited where the true enemy is concealed, and that it is possible to strike it, it is not indistinguishable nor invulnerable. - from "Anti-Institutional Movement, Revolutionary Violence, Armed Struggle-Some Reflections"

Introduction to the 2nd Edition
Introduction to the 1st Edition by Jean Weir
Our Role in the Present Conflict
Diffused Urban Guerrilla
Prison Revolts
Prisons, Courts and the Legal Hierarchy
Victims of Repression
Sweat Labour
Politicians and Party Headquarters
Trades Unions
Factories and the Industrial Hierarchy
State Offices
Heroin Pushers
Attacks Against the Police
Restructuring Repression
Anti-Institutional Movement, Revolutionary Violence, Armed Struggle-Some Reflections
Towards the Generalisation of Armed Struggle
On the Problem of Armed Struggle
Forward Comrades!