Bulgaria: Anarcho-syndicalists support protest of bar workers at the Golden Sands resort

ARS Varna March 8 2015
ARS Varna March 8 2015

On March 8 2015 activists of the Varna section of the Autonomous Workers’ Union (ARS, the Bulgarian friend-affiliate of the International Workers’ Association), together with former workers of the night club of the “International” hotel, held a protest demonstration in front of the hotel, which is located in the Zolotyye peski [Golden Sands] resort.

Submitted by Karetelnik on March 12, 2015

The workers were demanding payment of their wage arrears that have accumulated over many months (https://www.facebook.com/AvtonomenRabotniceskiSindikat). They had already carried out a similar protest on March 1, when 15 former employees of the bar picketed, demanding that owner Ivo Marinov pay wage arrears in the amount of 9500 leva (about $5000). Some of them had work books (labour contracts), others were “black market” workers without a contract. ARS Varna supports the demands of the workers and organized the protest action in defense of their labour rights.

The workers were hired by the firm “Vencheloti” in October. Some of them signed labour contracts at minimum wage, while others had only an oral agreement. The owner promised to pay, but so far hasn’t done so. According to the former administrator of the bar, Dimitrin Metodiev, five people worked without a contract for six months, but haven’t received anything. Among those ripped off was Georgy Kovachev, a worker who was doing repair work at the night club of the five-star hotel.

The ARS calls on all present and former employees, and all citizens sympathetic to the plight of colleagues, friends and acquaintances who are being victimized by the deceitful practices of Bulgarian resorts, to come together in protest actions (http://varna.topnovini.bg/node/579099).

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